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September 2023

August has been the perfect month for the IWCV to take a break. We experienced some of the hottest temperatures Valencia has ever seen during the summer months. Those of us lucky enough to get away somewhere cooler got away – and those of us with air conditioning played hermit and holed up at home, hopefully reading some good books or getting to the sea or finding some other way to keep cool. For those of you without AirCon – well, perhaps it’s time to consider that option for next summer!

We have a lot planned for you when we resume in full in September, but please keep a couple important things in mind:

(1) Pay Dues | IWC - Valencia. If you haven’t paid your €20 Membership Dues for IWCV fiscal year 2023 (from 1 January to 31 December 2023), time is running out! Your dues are due the first week in September. If you have not paid by then, we will have to remove your name from our membership lists. You can pay easily online by clicking here: Pay Dues | IWC - Valencia. Please remember, if you are using a credit or debit card from a country other than Spain, make sure to use your card’s billing address when you complete the details portion of the payment page, and make sure to change the country name from Spain to whatever country your billing address specifies. If that still doesn’t work or you have any questions at all, please just email Jane at

(2) Our annual Board elections are scheduled for this autumn. We have a wonderful slate of candidates whose terms will begin on 1 January 2024. We will email you with details of when and how to vote. Please go ahead and vote even if a candidate is running unopposed – we must have a quorum of members voting for the election to be official!

(3) If your male partner/spouse would like to participate more in the IWCV, he will be able to become a Fellow of the IWCV as soon as we finalize the details. In the meantime, if your male partner/spouse has any interest in coordinating the IWCV Fellows program, please just ask them to contact Jane at Note: this does not apply to female partners/spouses, who can already be full IWCV members in their own right.

So, what do we have planned for you in early autumn? Read on to find out!


Events for September: Don't forget to check our website periodically to see what's been added!

  • First Tuesday Coffee – Tuesday 5 September, 10:30am at MuviMent, on the terraza behind the MUVIM Museum. The coffee morning is open to all women in Valencia, both members and those who have not officially joined us yet. There is no need to register in advance - just stop by and join us! Please note: we continue our drive this month to donate hygiene products and non-perishable foods to Casa Caridad, one of the charities supported by the IWCV. Shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap are a welcome donation. If you wish to donate there will be members of the charity's team at the First Tuesday Coffee on September 5th to collect your donations. Alternatively, it is possible to have them delivered with an online order from any of the supermarkets, or you can drop donations off at Casa Caridad, Paseo de la Pechina no. 9, bajo, 46008 Valencia (+34 96 391 1726).

  • Creative Journaling – 7 & 14 September, 12 & 19 October. In this four-session fun and relaxed class, we combine collage, marker, crayon, and colored pencils to create journals, adding texture and form to the work. Note that this is a 4-session event lead by IWCV member and visual artist Marty Lay (American). For details and to register please click on Creative Journaling | IWC - Valencia

  • Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Multiple dates. 8 September - Gluten-free and Dairy Decisions; 19 September – Eating for Energy; 17 October - Socializing & Food Labels; 14 November - Are We Doomed to Diabetes? This is a 4-part series by our own nutritionist, IWCV member Susan Burke March (American). You may sign up for one, several, or all four dates. For details and to register, click on Have Your Cake & Eat It Too | IWC - Valencia

  • Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Tuesday 12 September. Did you know Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) has been around for thousands of years? Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, nutrition and many more methods are a part of TCM. These modalities are a way to naturally heal, energize, and prevent illness. Come learn the basics of this ancient methodology to improve your immunity and energy naturally. IWCV member Heather Lounsbury (American) is a doctor of Chinese medicine for over 20 years, well-known acupuncturist in LAX and author of Fix Your Mood With Food. Heather is behind the Live Natural Live Well brand and popular blog, YouTube videos, and a radio show. She is passionate about spreading the message of plant-based, holistic living and empowering people to heal themselves. For complete details and to register, please click on Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine | IWC - Valencia

  • September IWCV Luncheon for Members Only – Thursday 21 September. In keeping with what has become an IWCV tradition, our first luncheon following the summer break will be at the beach, where the September weather is cooler, the crowds are thinner, and the food is delicious as always! Our luncheon will be in the lovely patio garden at La Chipirona – Playa. For complete details and to sign up please click on September Luncheon | IWC - Valencia

  • Real Estate in Valencia – Tuesday 16 September + 2 more dates. IWCV Member Rebecca Cabo (Spanish) is offering this 3-part series on the various themes of real estate, specifically in Valencia and Spain. Themes include Renting vs Buying; The Buying Process; and Investing in Residential and/or Retail Propeties. The talks are ½- ¾ hour followed by a question-and-answer session. For details and to register, please click on Real Estate in Valencia | IWC - Valencia

  • OWL – IWCV “Out With the Ladies” Happy Hour. Wednesday 27 September, 6:00 PM outdoors at Saltimbocca,Plaça de Vannes 7. Members, Partners/Spouses and Guests are welcome to join in on the fun! There is no need to register in advance for this pop-in event.

  • Pilates Primer with Leyna Noel Thursday, 5 October. Do you have lower back pain? Knee pain? Sciatica? Ever wonder if there was a way to alleviate it in a way that doesn’t hurt and mostly involves laying down? Do you want to get stronger & better as the years pass? Come to this introductory class where not only will you learn what Pilates is all about, but you will learn about true Pilates from Leyna Noel (American/Spanish), who spent two years doing an apprenticeship under Pilates Grandmaster Instructor Trainer Sari Mejia Santo, the most acclaimed instructor of true Pilates, who learned from Joseph Pilates himself. For details and to register, please click on Pilates Primer with Leyna Noel | IWC - Valencia

  • Author Book Reading – Secrets and Lies & Greed and Deceit Friday 6 October. Come and hear author Dennis Roth (spouse of IWCV member Debbie Roth) reading from two of his novels. There is no need to read the novels first (but they’re worth a read!). For complete details and to sign up, please click on Author Book Reading: Secrets and Lies & Greed and Deceit | IWC - Valencia

Please remember that you cannot cancel your place at any IWCV activity by clicking a link on our website. It will not work! Instead, please email so that we can cancel your place and give the next person on the waitlist a chance to attend. Thank you for understanding.

New Members in June, July & August

Abby Friedman - American

Aina Sulei - Kazakhstan

Ana Roiz de Mayer - American

Anastasiia Los - Ukrainian

Barbara Grelling - American

Caroline Arlegui - Canadian

Christina Rijkschroeff - Dutch

Daphne Vanwonterghem - Dutch

Daphne Cavero - Italian

Eland Tooley - American

Federica Baratella - Italian

Jannie Uglvig - Danish

Jeanne Berg - American

Joan Powers - American

Leslie Agnello-Dean - American

Maria Pasini - Lithuanian

Meg Keough - American

Melanie Swan - United Kingdom

Nadya Seykova - Búlgaran

Nicole López Menendez - German/American

Patricia E Cooper - American

Raquel Palma - Spanish

Rocio Tasies Riba - Costa Rican

Ruth Ann Hepler - American

Szilvia Bugner - Hungarian

Tamara Morper - American

Tirzah Elese Bagnulo - American

Tsehsi Aarten - Dutch


Adriana E Gonzalez

Alicia Minaya

Alison Otwy

Anita Moyer

Barbara Roldán

Beth Trevino

Brenda Stein

Cheryl Speer

Cynthia Zorokong

Erika Bischoff

Famke Grootswagers

Glenda Smithson

Gloria Clarke

Iris von Busse

Joanne Simpson

Josefina Gamundi

Karen Fereday

Kate Tarchala

Kristie Griffin

Lesley Alexander

Leslie Agnello-Dean

Lisa La Nasa

Lucia Laborda Lofgren

Mara Barrow

Margaret Baker

Maria Tellblom

María Gómez Rodrigo

Martha Baker

Mary Ellen Pugh

Melanie Swan

Milena Lazic Tejeda

Pam Smith

Rosalind Flans

Rozy Arno

Sally Ostler

Sonia Hazan

Susan Hoover

Taija Hurskainen-Green

Vicki Stollmeyer

Charities & Fundraising

Pauline Fitzgerald, Charities Chair

We continue to create awareness of the needs of our three charities supported by the IWCV and work to raise funds where possible. Please visit our website and read about the causes we support. Thank you again to all you IWCV Ladies for your on-going support of these worthy causes. If you wish to make a private donation, the bank details are as follows. Please ensure that you note IWCV in the reference box. Casa Caridad LA Caixa: ES47 2100 0736 0022 0061 2310 Banco Sabadell: ES75 0081 7352 4300 0105 7311 Casa Ronald ES27 0081 1518 9300 0150 8057

Proyecto Vivir ES75 3159 0066 9828 5328 2123 We had a wonderful response to our Casa Caridad donation request in July. Several bags of hygiene products and non-perishable food were dropped off by taxi at Casa Caridad after our First Tuesday coffee morning on July 4th. Thank you to Donna Morgan for your help with this!

We continue our drive this month to donate hygiene products and non-perishable foods to Casa Caridad. Shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, toothbrushes and soap are a welcome donation. If you wish to donate there will be members of the charity's team at the First Tuesday Coffee on September 5th to collect your donations. Alternatively, it is possible to have them delivered with an online order from any of the supermarkets, or you can drop donations off at: Casa Caridad, Paseo de la Pechina no. 9, bajo, 46008 Valencia (+34 96 391 1726). There will be an increase in the level of needs for our charities as we approach winter and the holiday season We are always open to ideas for events to raise funds for our charities. Please do contact Pauline ( with any fundraising ideas you may have.

Special thanks to Susan Hoover (Olive Oil Curator) and Susan March (Dietician & Nutritionist) who donated €40 from their event in June to Proyecto Vivir. Please watch for updates via email and the newsletter for upcoming events and fundraising activities.


Phyllis So, VP Activities

Ongoing Events

Our ongoing activities will start back up in September! You are all welcome to join – or rejoin – any of them that appeal to you. All the following groups have a What’s App Group to keep activity members informed of what’s happening within each group.To join any WhatsApp group, go to our website ( and click on “Activities” for details and how to contact the coordinators if you are interested in joining the group.

Spanish and Coffee, Wednesdays, 11-12:30 at El Corte Ingles (Colon - where Starbucks is and Samsung) at the cafeteria on the 6th floor. Come join us as we have lively Spanish conversations and become more comfortable being in our adopted country. All are welcome.

Contact Info: Mary Reeves, +34 686 50 20 90

Stitches and Yarns - Third Thursday from 2-4 p.m. Join this lively group, learn to knit or crochet and/or bring your current project.

Contact Info: Cathy Cleaver, +34 635 97 89 98

Women Who Walk, Fridays, 11-1 meet at Palau de la Musica to walk the Turia and have coffee afterwards. For all levels of walking, you will find someone to walk with. Both women and partners, out of town guests are welcome. This has proven to be one of our most popular groups so what are you waiting for? Get out on the Turia, meet new friends and have coffee afterwards!

Contact Info: Ida Mauritzen +47 468 79 903 or Liz Humphreys +34 637 74 89 90

Board Games and More - Average times per month 2. From 6-8 people (depends on how many you can accommodate in your flat). Participants, please bring snacks and beverages.

Games currently being played are 3/13 (like rummy but not), Mexican Train Dominoes (like dominoes but not), Rumi Kube, (like rummy but not), Quiddler (make words vs. numbers).

If there’s a game you’d like to play or want to host a party, let Ann know. (I.e., Monopoly)

Contact info: Ann Linton - +1 (312) 208-8666

Future Events

Apart from the events listed above that are open for registration now, we’re excited for the upcoming events that are happening here at the IWCV in Valencia!

Cocktails – How to Become a Class A Bartender!

Holiday Baking Classes & Demos

Cooking Classes

Writing Classes

Art Classes

Do you have any more ideas? It’s our members who make this work and you, our members, have so much talent to share! If you have any ideas, please contact Phyliss (

September Holidays in Valencia - None

There’s so much happening with the IWCV this coming month! We are looking forward to seeing you at one or more of our events. Do join us - you will have fun!

Jane Buck,


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