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Charities Supported by IWCV

1960's Party Raises Over 600 Euros for Fundacion Proyecto Vivir!

This groovy October event was held by Myra Deuel. Far-out Myra!


Casa de Caridad was started in 1906 by the mayor of Valencia to support those who were having financial and/or social problems.  It is a private organization which does not receive  financial help from religious, political or civil sources.  It exists exclusively  because of the kindness of others!


Two  safe-haven centers provide essential help in Valencia - Paseo Pechina 9, and Avenida del Levante 2.  Clients have a place to sleep, shower, eat a good meal, do their laundry, get their hair done, obtain new clothes and interact socially.  While the Pechina Casa is mostly for single people, it does have a Day Centre and a Kindergarten where children are looked after while their parents prepare for and go to employment interviews. There is a large, attractive, self-service  dining room which caters for 200 people. 


The IWC-Valencia supports the Casa Caridad through the donation of new clothing, hygiene supplies, children's items, and cash. 

Donations from July coffee gathering!
Casa Caridad donations July 4.JPG


The Fundación Proyecto Vivir is a non-profit entity that works toward the development, emancipation and empowerment of women, based on the principles of gender equality and social justice. 

The ultimate goal of Proyecto Vivir is to enable vulnerable women to join their communities and the workforce. To this end they offer comprehensive, personalized support.

Their clients are

  • In a situation of severe material deprivation

  • In social exclusion, 

  • With dependent children, or pregnant

  • Often victims of gender violence

  • Immigrants out of necessity

  • With emotional and affective deficiencies

Proyecto Vivir raises part of their funds through the Solidarity Shop, located at 3 González Martí Street,  46008 Valencia. In the store you will find second-hand items in perfect condition at very affordable prices. All of the proceeds go directly to the scholarships of the organization's Living Project.

Learn how you can volunteer to help these women.


A child's illness is a traumatic circumstance that affects the whole family. Discouragement and economic concerns are added to this trauma when the family has to travel and spend long periods away from their home, family, and friends in order to offer their child the best possible treatment.

Providing families the warmth and support of a “ home away from home” is the mission of Casa Ronald McDonald. Having their parents close is an important part of recovery for a hospitalized child.

The Ronald McDonald ® House in Valencia was inaugurated on February 28, 2013. It is the third House that the Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation built in Spain (there are 357 Houses distributed all over the world). It is located in the hospital premises of the University Hospital and Politecnic LA FE.

The generosity of volunteers and donors make it possible. 

The IWCV supports Casa Ronald McDonald Valencia through fundraising activities.


If you would like to volunteer for, or donate to, any of these charities please contact our Charities Coordinator Pauline Fitzgerald. 

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