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Restaurant Reviews

While a specific entry assumes a certain level of personal satisfaction, IWCV neither guarantees nor endorses any submission. The list is purely a resource guide which may benefit its members. 

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These restaurant recommendations are presented to you by IWCV member Amanda Cushman. As a professional chef for over forty years, she has done it all from working for Food and Wine, to catering. Her main business was teaching culinary and cooking in private homes. She wrote restaurant reviews for the Santa Monica Daily Press, The Miami Herald and the Shoreline in Old Sayrbook, CT. 

MAY 2024

Mehfil - Valencia









We love Indian cuisine and have been to many of the known places on the city. Mehfil, in Cabanyal  stands out above the rest, for its quality of ingredients, service and authenticity.


 I think many of us have experienced how difficult it is to get heat in a dish in Spain. The Spaniards just don’t like spicy food. But at Mehfil you get what you ask for. If you say you want it hot, it will make you sweat (something we both enjoy).


We have enjoyed three lunches at Mehfil and the food is consistently delicious, served by a friendly, efficient staff and reasonably priced. Next time you are in the mood for Indian, check them out. 

MARCH 2024

El Perla de la Habana - Carrer de Borriana 26

Authentic Cuban food prepared well. A cute space with colorful decor and good Cuban music, this place was quite the find. We have been missing black beans, rice and maduros and there they made them perfectly. We had a terrific lunch with another couple and they ordered the Cuban sandwich which was spot on. After living in Miami for years this was as close as you can get to real Cuban in Valencia. 

El Observatorio - Carrer de Jeroni Munyos 15

Peruvian fusion cuisine in Jesus. A cute corner restaurant with tables inside and out. Great food with three menu del dias to choose from. We had the edamame, croquettes, ceviche, yuca and chasu (pork belly) all delicious and served to share. We also shared two desserts that were incredible; the best cheesecake served with maple sauce and green tea ice cream and chocolate torte with mango and passion fruit sorbet. 


Bekaa- Carrer de Pere Tercer a Gran 19

A wonderful labor of love from Chef Omar;  this beautifully decorated restaurant has some of the best Lebanese food we have experienced outside of the country itself. We especially enjoy what he does with his salads and appetizers; fabulous and authentic tabouleh, fattoush salad, silky creamy hummus and an addictive fried cauliflower with tahini sauce. Be sure to order anything lamb, chicken or beef served with house made arab bread as well as the kibbeh. There isn't one dish on the menu that will disappoint and plenty of vegetarian options.


Manaw Nikkei Bar- 10 Adressadors Street

One of the most innovative meals; a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food, Chef Miguel has a magical flair with fish and seafood. We ordered two ceviches, two appetizers and two entrees to share with one other couple. It was the perfect amount of food and each dish was elegant, presented beautifully and the flavours were otherworldly. I highly recommend the Thai shells; a half a scallop shell filled with shrimp and scallops with a red curry cream, the ceviche Abuela with wild white fish and peruvian peppers and the Calentito- a marinated white fish served with a spicy lime sauce, jasmine rice and tempura shrimp. This is a sublime restaurant with wonderful service and a menu that is both creative and unique. A go to place for out of town guests or a special meal.   


Taberna Teca - Carrer d'Honorat Juan 11

The food here is spot on. Innovative Spanish cuisine with a creative choice of tapas that utilize the freshest ingredients. They also have an extensive wine list with wines that can be ordered by the glass as well as bottles. Very knowledgeable and friendly waiters add to the experience. Highlights are zucchini carpaccio, caponata, solomillo and marinated shrimp.


Restaurante Ninda-  Carrer del Reverend Rafael Tramoyeres 11

After an amazing trip to Istanbul we were missing the food we enjoyed there and then found Ninda. We have become regulars and there isn't one thing on the menu we haven't tried. The place is very down to earth and unassuming, family owned and operated with food that is creative, delicious and memorable. Friendly, professional service and very affordable, our top dishes are; Stuffed fried eggplant, citrus spiced shrimp, zucchini fritters and chicken thighs with honey, mint and almonds. You can't go wrong with anything coming out of their kitchen 

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