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Ackelsberg, Martha A.  Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women.  (Rev. ed., 2004)

Comprehensive study of Mujeres Libres which mobilized over 20,000 women into an organized network to strive for community, education, and equality for women; intertwining interviews with the women themselves and analysis connecting them with modern feminist movements.

Bieder, Maryellen; Johnson, Roberta, editors. Spanish Women Writers and Spain's Civil War. (Non-fiction, essays, 2016)

Fresh perspectives on well-known women writers, and less studied ones, whose works take the Spanish Civil War as a theme; reflects a wide range of political positions.

Davies, Catherine. Spanish Women's Writing 1849-1996. (1998).

Major authors within Spain's changing political, cultural and economic world.

Ryan, Lorraine.  “A Case Apart: The Evolution of Spanish Feminism.” In Feminisms within and without, Rebecca Pelan, editor (2006). Galway: National Women Studies Centre.  Download PDF version


Dueñas, Maria. Trans. Daniel Hahn. The Seamstress  In USA: The Time In Between (2012)

Sira Quiroga, finds herself abandoned, pregnant, and penniless in Tangiers but rebuilds her life as a seamstress providing haut couture to expatriates and the German community. Slowly she is drawn into the world of British espionage.

Garcia Lorca, Federico.  Rural Trilogy: Plays of the Spanish Earth 

Explores desire, repression, ritual, and constraints of rural Spain. 

Blood Wedding, (1932) – family vendetta and a bride who ran away with the son of the enemy

Yerma, (1934) - a childless woman's desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrible crime.   

The House of Bernarda Alba (1936) – mourning her husband, Bernarda Alba keeps total control over her five daughters.

Rodondo, Dolores.  trans. Michael Meigs. All This I Will Give to You (2018)

Mystery set in Galicia.  Author Manuel discovers his husband has died in an auto accident. But Alvaro wasn't where he wasn't supposed to be and Manuel knew nothing about Alvaro's other family or his rich, powerful, secret life.

Redondo, Dolores.  Baztán Trilogy

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns from Pamplona to Elizondo, her childhood village in the Basque Baztán Valley, where mystery, reason, & spirituality collide.

The Invisible Guardian

The Legacy of the Bones

Offering to the Storm

A special thanks to Pam Smith-Berry for recommending the works on Spanish Women Writers
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