We are clearly in the age of electronic communication.  It brings with it some advantages and some challenges.  It allows us to communicate information easily and quickly.  It also can lead to miscommunication and confusion.


 IWC-Valencia uses three modes of communication as described below:






  • Create public awareness to expat women in Valencia

  • Allow interested women in Valencia to become members

  • Manage IWC-Valencia events

  • Serve as a resource for information about Valencia; i.e., medical, dental, well-being, banks, etc.




  • Members may access all pages of the website. 

    • Your personal profile can only be accessed by you and authorized members of the Board.

  • Non-members have limited access and can only see regularly scheduled events and the Resource Guide



 International Women’s Club Valencia




  • To share information regarding upcoming and past activities, post photos of activities, and direct them to the IWC-Valencia website for registration and further information.

  • Events may be posted if relevant to IWC-Valencia members and are subject to removal by the Facebook administrator

  • No product advertising will be allowed

  •  If someone wants to promote a service or product, she must be a registered IWC-Valencia member; and if approved, the service or product will be posted on Resource Guidelines on the IWC-Valencia website.





WhatsApp Group

 Join us for Local Events




  • To share information about non-IWC-Valencia activities; i.e., parades downtown, events at Turia, concerts, Democrats Abroad meetings (without any discussions),

  • To organize members who wish to attend activities together



  • To sign up, please Contact Phyllis So on her Whats App 605 11 76 32 and she will add you to the group chat. 

  • Please be sure to name to the WhatsApp contact info. 

  • All chats will be monitored by Phyllis So and Ketty Delapena and are subject to removal at their discretion

  • Only respond if you will attend

    • If you want to organize a group, take it to another chat, organize the group and then post the results


10/29/2019 1:38 PM