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 Three Kings Day 2022

A message from Marta, organizer:


"I wanted to thank IWCV for your participation in the party with the sponsorship of 38 children. Thanks to your generosity, and that of so many others, we managed to put joy on the faces of 255 children from 0 to 15 years of age..."

We believe that all children have to maintain hope and enthusiasm and thanks to support... such as the distribution of  Three Kings Gifts we can do our bit to achieve this goal. Thank you very much from the heart."



Amigos de la Calle Holiday Gifts Program for the Homeless

A message from Missy Anobile, coordinator:

“Thanks to our wonderful IWCV members and other generous friends in Valencia, the Holiday Gift Bags for the Homeless project was a HUGE SUCCESS!  116 bags filled with everything from socks to hoodies, along with toiletries and sweet treats, were distributed to our homeless neighbors by volunteers at Associación Amigos de la Calle. 

Many thanks to everyone who participated and all those who helped get the gifts from one location to another. It could not have been done without your kindness and generosity."

2021 Gift bags 4.jpg
2021 Gift bags.jpg
2021 Gift bags 2.jpg

Thank you, for the excellent work on this project, Missy.  Well done!

If you are aware of volunteer opportunities that you think may be of interest to other members, please contact us and let us know so that we can share the information.

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