Many of our members have asked for information regarding volunteer opportunities in Valencia.  Below is a list of a number of opportunities.  Unfortunately a few require the ability to speak Spanish.  Fortunately others do not.  We have indicated where there is a requirement.  In most cases we have provided a link to the organizations website.  Click to get more detailed about the group.


If you are aware of other opportunities that you think may be of interest to other members, please contact us and let us know so that we can share the information.


  • Comprehensive website with a wealth of information on volunteering opportunities in Valencia and beyond; sometimes requiring English and other languages

  • This website has an excellent filter, so you can be very specific. Worth having a look. You can find “traditional” things like regular literacy support or more one-off tasks like logistics coordination of a French-speaking visiting children´s choir.

  • Variety of languages sought, depending on the task required.


Planats and Animals

Sociedad Valenciana Protectora de Animales y Plantas (SVPAP)

  • A private, independent, non-profit organization without political ties.

  • They run an animal shelter out of town (San Antonio de Benagéber) and a veterinarian clinic in:

C/ Palleter, 55 – 46008 Valencia

  • There are seven different areas in which volunteers can help, including outreach, dog walking, fundraising, and transportation of animals (dogs and cats, mostly).






  •  Spanish Required: Basic Spanish at least at the beginning, to fill out form and communicate how you want to get involved.

Feline Adoption

Adopciones Felinas Valencia

  • Fostering and adopting cats; fund-raising sales

  • Helpers are needed.  Contact agency for details.

Animal Related Agency

Grace Janet or Darna Animal Rescue

  • Animal Adoption and foster care

  • Helpers are needed.  Contact agency for details

Care of Cats

Gatos del Jardin Botanico de la Universidad de Valencia

  • Botanical Gardens  - Carrer de Quart 80

  • Thursday and Saturday, 12:30. 

  • Volunteers feed cats who live in the garden; fund-raising sales

  • Spanish not required

Spanish Red Cross/ Cruz Roja Española

  • Disaster relief; social inclusion; health education; environment

  • Spanish Required:  Yes

Church affiliated NGO Community Center

Mission Evangelica Urbana de Valencia

Calle Roger de Flor 25

  • Serves breakfasts, accepts and distributes clothes, provides haircuts, hot showers. 

  • Prefers regular volunteerism- same day/time each week or month

  • 963 93 48 49

Asociacion de Pacientes y Voluntarios La Fe

  • The management and co-ordination of patient associations and volunteer organizations of the Hospital Universitari i Politécnic La Fe 

  •  Edificio D - Planta Baja - SAIP of Hospital Universitari i Politécnic La Fe

  • Contact:Susana Campillos Ballesteros

Plataforma de Voluntariado Secretaría Técnica PVCV

  • A network, composed of 80 entities, addressing various social causes and using volunteering as a tool for integration, support and social awareness. Gender equality, disability, childhood or addiction problems, are just some of the groups served by this network that brings together more than 20,000 organizations.

  • Contact:  Cristina Martínez Guillamón

The British Protestant Cemetery

  • The British Protestant Cemetery, sanctified in November of 1879, offers burial facilities for the internment of coffins and ash urns.

  • The cemetery  admits all faiths and currently has 22 different nationalities.

  • It relies on volunteers for its support and to maintain the facility.

  • Spanish is not required.


Valencia Acoge

  • Valencia Acoge is a solidarity space for intercultural learning and the fight against racism and unsupportive individualism; in which it offers to contribute to the creation of a better society through the participation and action of indigenous people and immigrants.

  • Spanish required:  Yes

Mamás en Acción

  • Moms in Action is a community of people (they are not only mothers, nor women) who accompany children who do not have parents or cannot live with them, in the most difficult times and also in the happy ones.

  • They are currently in Valencia and Madrid, but their goal is to reach the more than 43,000 children in Spain who are supervised by the administrations and require the support, impulse and love that every child needs.

  • There are a variety of ways to volunteer

  • What is needed to collaborate:

- Have one afternoon a month

- Know how to prepare sandwiches and cut a cake

- Sing, dance and cheer up a party

- Collect, distribute kisses and hugs and say goodbye until next time.


Teléfono: 697 111 137

La Casa Grande

  • The La Casa Grande Association is a non-profit non-governmental organization, independent from any body and institution of a political, economic or religious nature, from respect to all ideologies, beliefs, and values; that performs a work aimed at people, groups and families in a condition of social, economic and cultural vulnerability at the local level.

  • Click  website link below for details of the the specific activities

  • There may be some volunteer activities that do not require the ability to speak spanish.