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Welcome to recipes from the members of the IWC - Valencia!

December - Holiday Recipes

December cooking tip from Chef Amanda Cushman:  For ease of entertaining, plan ahead and make as many dishes as possible. I usually do it all and half-way cook the entrée. All I need to do if finish it when I have guests. 

November - One-pot Meals Revisited for Autumn

November cooking tip from Chef Amanda Cushman: Keep the following staples on hand to make a meal in minutes - pasta, rice, onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, canned beans.


October:  End of Summer Fish

October cooking tip from Chef Amanda Cushman: always refrigerate onions and shallots before chopping them to prevent crying. An hour is enough time to arrest the gas which is released into the air.


May:  Vegetable Dishes

April:  Chicken


March:  Thai Food

February: One-pot Cooking



Each month we will announce new themes. These are the guidelines for submissions:


  • Original recipes are welcome!

  • If the dish is from a cookbook, magazine or other source you must credit the author.

  • Submissions should be in a Word document, with one photo per dish if you have one.  

  • If there is a story to tell about how this dish came to be, we would love to hear it.

  • Please limit your submission to one per theme.

If you would like to submit a recipe please email it to Chef Amanda Cushman (