Welcome! - Thank you for your interest in the International Women’s Club-Valencia (IWC-Valencia).  Whether you are a long-term resident or a newcomer, you are welcome to join us -  and we look forward to your participation. 


Living in Valencia brings new discoveries but also unexpected and unknown challenges!   As a varied group, each member brings something unique to IWC-Valencia, and they happily share. It may be as simple as a seeking tips on where to get a good haircut,  find a reliable English-speaking dentist, or urgently locate a special ingredient!  It may be as delightful as introducing you to a great restaurant, an unusual museum, or an exercise or Spanish class!  


You will meet women with similar personal or professional interests,and you can volunteer in an activity that will contribute to this community we now share.  Alternatively, that very activity may arise because of your idea, from your experiences elsewhere as you sponsor a cause and make your ideas a reality. We encourage you to get active!


Less ambitious, but in no way less important, you may simply need a person who will listen when you want to talk now that your mother, best friend, or big sister is far away.  Whatever your need - and whatever your talents - we hope your participation in your IWC-Valencia will bring you friendship, enrichment, and a sense of belonging to your Valencian experience.


For several years, a group of women in and around Valencia got together for on an occasional basis for coffee or lunch. Sometimes, these meetings were quite business-like (selling products or promoting services) rather than merely social occasions.  


By 2004, the core group started to look at ways to network and support each other more effectively than merely through impromptu get-togethers.  


We looked at the way other women’s organizations had organized themselves and decided to create a. a non-profit organization.


On Monday, the 24th of January 2005, women attended the first meeting of the city’s International Women’s Club, and the IWC-Valencia officially became an independent organizations, with its own statutes and ruling body. 



  • To enable both newcomers and long-term residents to get together and share in a variety of activities.


  • To create activities - whether social, educational, cultural or philanthropic - that will help members integrate into and understand Valencian society.


  • To provide mutual help and support for those living in Valencia - irrespective of race, creed, national origin, or political orientation.


  • To provide information on community activities, services, and organizations where individuals may find solutions to challenges arising in daily life.


  • To provide opportunities to enjoy members’ varied cultural roots and improve international understanding.

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

Jane Goodall

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