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February 2023

It seems like everything moved in slow motion in January – maybe it was hibernation because of the not-so-Mediterranean weather we’ve been having? I feel like I spent most of the month indoors, under cover of blanket with a wonderful electric footwarmer in constant use! But I am hopeful that with a new month – with or without a groundhog – the skies will turn bluer, the sunshine will begin to last longer, and the temperature will begin to inch its way upward!


Events for February

Susan Kaplan, VP Membership

  • First Tuesday Coffee – Tuesday 7 February, 10:30am at MuviMent, on the terraza behind the MUVIM Museum. The coffee morning is open to all women in Valencia, both members and those who have not officially joined us yet. There is no need to register in advance - just stop by and join us!

  • February Luncheon – Thursday 16 February. This will be a members only luncheon, and we will let you know as soon as full details are posted to the IWCV website.

  • Tour of the Casa and Museu del Pintor Jose Benilliure – Date TBA. Sadly we had to cancel this tour last month as the museum’s procedures changed suddenly, but it will be rescheduled for February. Join us on this tour of the home and studio of Jose Benilliure, one of the most important Valencian painters. Keep your eyes on your email and we will let you know as soon as full details are posted to our website.

  • Ninots at the Science Center – Join us for a visit to see more than 750 ninots on display at the Science Museum. You will be able to vote for any 2 and the winners (adults and children) will be saved from the burnings of la Cremá on 19 March and instead will earn a place in the Museu Fallero. We will let you know as soon as details are posted to the IWCV website.

  • OWL Happy Hour – Wednesday 22 February, The IWCV’s “OWL” Happy Hour will take place at 6 PM at Babilonia on Calle Mestre Clavé just off St. Vincent Martir next door to Hundred. Your spouse /partner /guests are welcome to join you. There is no need to register for OWL, but if you know that you will be there please email and let us know how many of you will be coming so that we can let the folks at Babilonia know about how many we will be.

New Members

Alicia Minaya - Peru & Spain

Carla Walker - American

Gulzhan Axambayeva - Kazakhstan

Julia Peppard - American

Liese Hutchison - American and German

Lucia Laborda Lofgren - Swiss & Spanish

María Gómez Rodrigo - Spanish

Mary Olsson - Spanish

Michelle Abarbanel - American and Portuguese

Milena Lazic Tejeda - Serbian

Nicole Seeman - French

Nina Paolo - American

Petya Ivanova - Dutch

Rosemary McGrath - American

Tarja Tiusanen - Finlandia

Terri OBryan - English and French

February Birthdays

Carmen Ventura

Carrie Ruisbroek

Charlene Walsh

Claudine Escaith

Deborah Scharfetter

Elna De Jongh

Emme Singer

Heather Power

Ireen Tull

Jane Buck

Julia Peppard

Karen Magee-Koski

Michelle Jorissen

Michelle McGowan

Mimi Carrera

Pamela Manolakis

Rian McCarthy

Risa Shargel

Susan Amatouri

Susan March

Tedi Conway Dickinson

Teresa Lemon Shepro


Phyllis So, VP Activities

January’s events:

On Monday 23 January there was a tour of the Pharaoh of Egypt exhibition at the Caixa Forum coordinated by Julie Massie (thank you, Julie!). It was well-attended and most everyone really enjoyed the event. If you haven’t been to the CaixaForum (the tall, blue, cone-shaped building at the City of Arts & Sciences), it is well worth a visit!

And, on Tuesday, January 31 we had Susan March, Registered Dietician, gave a lively presentation called “Let’s Bust Some Nutrition Myths”. Susan discussed some positive (and not so difficult) changes we can make to our lifestyles to ensure a healthy life.

Ongoing Activities:

Spanish and Coffee, Wednesdays, 4-6 at Bastard’s in Russafa. Come join us for Spanish conversations. If you are bilingual (including Spanish) please join us as we need more Spanish speakers! This on-going activity is to help improve your Spanish conversation abilities and is not a Spanish class. After some initial growing pains, this group is ready to take off! Contact person: Mamen Arnáiz - +34 655 54 39 38

Women Who Walk, Fridays, 11-1 meet at Palau de la Musica to walk the Turia and then have coffee. For all levels of walking, you will find someone to walk with. This activity is open to members, their partners/spouses, and out-of-town guests. Guests who reside in Valencia may join one time only, after that, please join the IWCV if you want to continue walking with us. Thanks for understanding! Contact person: Lisa Harrison - +34 711 02 08 67

Knit and Crochet (formerly “Knit & Knatter”) Third Thursday of the month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Cathy Cleaver’s home on Avenguda Oeste. Join this lively group, learn to knit or crochet and/or bring your current project. Contact person: Cathy Cleaver - +34 635 97 89 98

Board Games and More – Meets approximately twice a month, with different hostesses – anyone can volunteer! 6-8 people (depends on your flat), bring snacks and beverage. Games currently being played: 3/13 (like rummy but not), Mexican Train Dominoes (like dominoes but not), Rumi Kube, (like rummy but not), Quiddler (make words vs. Numbers), Yahtzee. If there’s a game you’d like to play or if you want to host a party, let Ann know. Contact info: Ann Linton – WhatsApp +1 (312) 208-8666

Mahjong - Every Monday from 11am to 4pm at Muff & Co, Carrer del Dr Vila Barberá 9. (The food at Muff & Co is delicious so staying for lunch is not a hardship at all!). We play Hong Kong style mahjong. If you don’t know how to play, email Jane Buck to sign up for the next (free!) class. Contact for weekly games and for lessons: Jane Buck –

February Holidays in Valencia

None – but Tuesday 14 February is Valentine’s Day so get those candy hearts ready!!

Stay warm, everyone, and see you soon!

Jane Buck,


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