If we agree with Joseph Campbell that “Quest and Return” is the basis of the male mono-myth, we need to ask what the corresponding paradigm is for women – “The Fall”?   Well, women have taken up pens rather than swords and are writing their own alternative narratives in stories, biographies, histories, and careers. IWC-V is excited to present a new collaborative effort by and for its International Women members – a Bibliography of Books, Film, TV Composed By, About, and For Women. Because the Corona-Virus gave us some enforced leisure which we may have filled with books and programs, it seems logical to gather together newly discovered resources and to share them among IWC-V members.


The bibliography is divided into several component parts which you can access through the buttons below.  The divisions might make for easier browsing AND, equally important, efficient expansion. PLEASE – forward citations for inclusion in any category (see below). Something you enjoyed, were challenged or saddened by, learned from. The list is a bit American-heavy right now, but the goal is to create a truly international representation of women's lives as characters, writers, thinkers, movers and shakers.

It is amazing to see just how many new works by and about women have been published recently. It was particularly exciting to see the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII bring to light many biographies of previously unknown women who made huge contributions in the war effort. Likewise, current racial unrest illuminates works by previously over-shadowed Black and minority women who helped forge civil rights legislation and social change. Their voices in arts and letters are no longer heard only from the fringes of society. Internationally, women are challenging traditional Patriarchy – whether repression from cultural, religious, or political structures – educating themselves and, in some cases, assuming powerful roles. New perspectives from their radically altered lives engage us.


I am particularly grateful to Pam Smith-Berry for recommending the many works on Spanish Women Writers. Pam reminds us that, as expatriates living in Valencia, we owe it to ourselves and to our adopted country to understand more fully the roles Spanish women have played in Spain's volatile history during the past hundred years or so.


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