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Film both reflects and challenges the society in which it was created

Independent Movie Data Base


Major sources -- Turner Classics, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO, BBC iPlayer

Access through a SmartTV, computer, tablet (such as iPad), phone – llink cable to TV.

Some may require a subscription depending on your provider.

Television programs can be accessed on a SmartTV.

International programs can be accessed through a VPN (usually subscription).

Some websites provide streaming for viewers; easiest way to find them is to google "[film name] stream"


13 Roses  (Historical drama, 2007) - Spanish: Las 13 Rosas

Director: Emilio Martínez Lázaro; Stars: Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Verónica Sánchez and Marta Etura.

Based on a true story, the film follows the tragic fate of 13 young women, fighting for their ideals in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. All were executed.       



Baztán Trilogy. (Mystery) - Spanish

Based on the Dolores Redondo mysteries. Inspector Amaia Salazar returns from Pamplona to Elizondo, to her childhood village in the Basque Baztán Valley, where mystery, reason, & spirituality collide.  (Spanish-English)

Director: Fernando González Molina; Stars:  Marta Etura, Nene

         The Invisible Guardian – Orig:  El guardián invisible       (2017)

         The Legacy of the Bones – Orig: Legado en los hueso   (2019)

         Offering to the Storm - Orig: Ofrenda a la tormenta         (2020)

Water (Drama, 2005) – Indian/Canadian

Director/Writer: Deepa Mehta; Stars: Lisa Ray, John Abraham, Seema Biswas

The Tradition - Set in 1938 colonial India during Gandhi's rise to power, the story of an 8-year old child-widow who is sent to a widows' ashram to do penance and where she will be expected to work as a prostitute to pay her board -- like Kalyani, another young, beautiful widow. A third, older woman agonized about defying tradition to save them both.

3rd in a brilliant trilogy that depicts the restrictive lives of women struggling to survive in India.

​The Women (Comedy, 1939),  American – based on the play by Clare Boothe

Director: George Cukor; Script: Anita Loos; All Female Cast:  Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine, Mary Boland

Catty gossip, infidelity, prima donas, and no sisterhood among the rich and aspiring

Remake unsuccessful:  (2008)   Director/writer Diane English; Stars Meg Ryan et al.

The Whale Rider. (Mythic Tale, 2002) – New Zealand - based on the book by Witi Ihimaera

Director/Script: Niki Caro; Stars: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rawiri Paratene, Vicky Haughton

Pai, a young Maori (Whangara people) girl feels drawn as a leader of her village, but tradition and her grandfather reject her claim. Good to watch with the grandchildren; Witi Ihimaera's daughter asked him to tell a tale about a girl hero.  He did.

Related: The Making of “The Whale Rider.” (Documentary, 2003) - Director: Jonathan Brough


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (American Gothic, 1962) – novel by Henry Farrell

Director: Robert Aldrich; Script: Lukas Heller; Stars Bette Davis, Joan Crawford

Classic:  Sibling rivalry run amok between aging actresses as characters & actors

Woman Under the Influence (Drama, 1970) – American

Director/Writer: John Cassavetes; Stars: Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Fred Draper

The film tells the story of Mabel, a housewife and mother of three, married to a violent husband construction worker. who does not adapt to social norms and suffers from emotional instability.

Rowlands proposed the original idea for the film about a character experiencing the dilemmas, problems, and concerns in the 1970s.


Yerma (Drama, 1998) - Spanish.  Based on the play by Federico García Lorca

Director: Pilar Távora; Starring Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Juan Diego, Irene Papas

A childless woman's desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrible crime.

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