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The references below were submitted by IWCV members. None reflect an endorsement by IWCV for either accuracy or quality of service.   



It is not likely that English will be the first language for emergency services. The following website is an excellent resource for all sorts of information, including Spanish translations of key descriptive phrases, Spanish government.


Mental Health Emergencies


Samaritans in Spain

Samaritans in Spain offers 24-hour, confidential help by telephone or email, for people who are experiencing emotional problems of any kind.

Tel: 900 525 100

Teléfono de la Esperanza

Teléfono de la Esperanza is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing callers anywhere in Spain to discuss a range of challenges from trauma and suicide to relationship issues.  

Tel: 717 003 717



Fire (Bomberos)

080 or 112

Ambulance  (Ambulancia)

061 or 122                                                                                                                      +34 963 67 73

Local Police (policia municipal) - traffic, property

092  or   112


Civil Guard (guardia civil) - drugs, murders                                 

062  or   112


National Police (policía nacional) - security, terrorism                                                                                                                    091  or   112

Crime victim support service                                                                                             900 150 909


Medical Emergencies (servicios de urgencia)                                         


      +34 900 16 11 61

Non-Urgent -


Emergency Dentist                                                                                                      

961 496 199


Red Cross  

Emergencies 90 222 292                                                                                                   34 963 67 73 75

Red Cross Help Line                                                                                                    

      900 100 333  


Gender Violence (Mujeres Maltratada)           

Violence Helpline

      016  or 900 100 009

Help Line (24-hour)                                                                                                      

      900 580 888


Maritime Sea Rescue

900 202 202


Elderly Helpline                                                                                                              

900 222 223

Tourist helpline; emergency (En, FR, Gr,)   

902 102 112 

Traffic Accident Report                               



Immigration Information

Legal Assistance   (free)                             

               900 150 000

Citizen Information                                               



         Power and gas emergencies

                900 171 171

         Telephone  (English)




Below are several checklists you may find helpful. 


Familiarize yourself with Spanish laws regarding death -- burial customs, will probate, and asset distribution.


Register with your home Embassy or Consulate in Spain - Resources "Government"


Keep an emergency information card in your  wallet that includes:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone (WhatsApp)

  • email

  • Date of Birth

  • date of information

  • Spanish NIE; SIP number

  • Contacts:

Primary/2nd (one Spanish speaker) – name, phone, email, relation

Primary Care Physician (PCP): name, address, phone, email

  • Medical Conditions – (as warranted)

Chronic (ie, diabetes, CHF); Recent Complications; Allergies

Medications – name/dose


Contact information to have on hand and give to a trusted friend:

  • Name, address, email, telephone number(s)

  • Next of kin - power of attorney who will manage illness or death

  • Contact information of your Executor or Advocate

  • Spanish Attorney - possibly power of attorney, Executor of wills

  • Spanish Tax Accountant – tax liabilities

  • Local Bank - address

  • Location of anything your friend might need –

car keys, legal/medical documents, etc.

  • Cleaning lady/service contact information

  • Landlord's contact information


Documents Residents should register in Spain

Note that the same documents should ALSO be filed in your home country if you have any assets there. The legalities are handled separately.

  • Will - important for distribution of Spanish property or assets.

Otherwise, the state will decide for you.

  • Living Will - how you want final-stage treatment handled.

Include burial preferences here; takes weeks to probate a will

  • Medical Advocate Assignment - someone to make medical decisions

  • Power of Attorney (POA) - can manage distribution of funds

  • Driver’s License 

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