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Beyond a network of close friends, the most-important resource we've found -- whether preventive or sustaining -- is the Telecom "call button," a 24/7 interactive emergency system.  We also found a rather comprehensive listing of residential and day centers and home care (SAD) services.  See listing below.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY (servicios de urgencia) +34 900 16 11 61


Start Here

 Register with your Embassy or Consulate in Spain – See IWCV Resources Government

 Download Emergency Contact form – add information to wallet

 Items to include:

 Name, address, phone (WhatsApp), email, DOB, date of information

 Spanish NIE; SIP number

 Contacts:  Primary/2nd (one Spanish speaker) – name, phone, email, relation

                   Primary Care Physician (PCP): name, address, phone, email

 Medical Conditions – Chronic Conditions (ie, diabetes, CHF); Recent Complications

Allergies, Medications – name/dose


RED CROSS - Cruz Roja


Easy, fast, reliable, affordable, available for all; English language assistance

Cruz Roja - Home-based Telecare System

Continuous support, preventive service to help people with disabilities, social isolation, elderly, illness, or to assist those in physical or social risk situations.
 (English)                                               +34 902 22 92


Services and Resources

        Emergency call system: body device, "blue button" + router 24/7

        Need land-line for router hook up   30€ a month -

        Check in, check up services

        Hold keys for emergency access to your home

        Track medications

        Reminders abut medical appointments

        Accompanies patients to appointments



European Social Services - by Country

An exhaustive resource with background information.  The link below explains which benefits people with physical, mental or sensory limitations can apply for, when they need total or partial support from someone else to carry out their daily basic activities.


Generalitat Valencia, Vice Presidency and Ministry of Equality and Social Services

Lengthy overview and outline (with links) to services provided.  Interesting reading, but not a place to begin while in the midst of a crisis.


Valencia Servicios Sociales - generally slow, bureaucratic, almost exclusively Spanish

         Must be registered in the State Medical Plan (citizens/legal residents); Age 65+

         Telephone ahead for an appointment


         Municipal Office of Disabled Care (MAD)                                       Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00

                  Amade de Savoy 11 (46010)                                                  +34 96 208 24 68             



         Municipal Social Services Centers                                                  Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00

Benimaclet, Campanar, Ciutat Vella, La Saida, Malicar, Nazaret, livereta, Patraix, Salvador Allende, Saint Marcel Li, Trafalgar

                  Center: Calle de meson de Morella 2 (46003)                       +34 96 208 41 67


         Services Offered

         Emergency contact button - interactive "red" call button necklace

                  Direct telephone connection to a 24-hour emergency service

                  Service includes frequent contact from the agency to the user

         Daily Meal delivery - eligibility and cost based on income level

                  Someone must be at home to collect the meals

         Wheelchair requests

         Disability Parking Permit

         Financial aid for utility payments - process can take a long time


​​Hospital Bulletin Boards -

Freelance nurses' aides post little pieces of paper with contact information 



Selegna Residences for Seniors -

C/ Cruixidell 2 • Urb. Torre in Conill 46117 Bétera (Valencia)                                                                             +34 68 771 63 86      +34 96 160 85 11

Residential (temporary/permanent); Rehabilitation, Convalescent, Spa.  Emphasis on outdoor living – gorgeous facilities

Ballesol Residences                                                                               +34 90 024 24 25

Convalescent, permanent residences, rehabilitation, family respit


Old Governor, C/ Gobemador Viejo 25, Valencia 46003 (Historic Center)

Fina Minguez                                                                         +34 96 391 85 05

Playa Patacona, C/Mar Menor 1, Alboraya, Valencia 46120 (beach front)

María Luisa Vivas                                                                  +34 96 356 77 12

Burjassot, C/ Commander Moreno 1A, Burjassot, Valencia 46100

María José Lassalle                                                               +34 96 390 22 30

Serreria, C/Maderas 12, Valencia 46002 (harbor area)         

temporary or long stays, rehabilitation, family respit

Mayte Guerrero                                                                      +34 96 331 71 80

Velterne, C/ Murta 1, Paterna, Valencia 46980 (Benemaclet)

Jesús Alcazar 961 356 501


Costa Blanca Resort, C/ Tramuntana 2, La Cala de La Vila, Villajoyosa Alicant (03570_

Alicia Sánchez                                                                                 +34 96 585 76 71

Assisted Living Residences – apartments, medical supervision


​Domus Vi

HOME: Avda. del General Perón, 36, Madrid (28020)                    +34 91 330 63 00                                                               +34 90 045 65 85

Convalescent and Rehabilitation Centers

Nursing Home and Health Care Centers; Day centers

Home Care visits (24/7; 365); Home assistance support; Telecare

Adorea Apartment Retirement Residences (Girona, Seville)

VALENCIA – three residential locations                                 

Jardines de Liria, Partida Casa Carreres, s/n, (46160)           +34 96 278 21 72    

Residence for Largest City of Arts – includes Day Center

Carrer Joan Baptiste Muñoz 11, (46023)                        +34 96 337 51 70

La Nostra Casa-Vall de la Ballestera – cognitavly empaired day/residence

publicly owned by the City Council of Valencia; managed by DomusVi

Carrer de la Vall de la Ballestera 75, (46035)                 +34 96 205 96 30


​Orpea Residences

Paseo del General Martinez Campo 46, Madrid (28010)        email:

Home Care Valencia (SAD) Valencia

San José de Pignatelli 35, Valencia 46025                              +34 963 49 74 33

Services: Temporary or permanent residence, day center;

Convalescent-Rehabilitation; Permanent medical staff & services




Be on the look out for restaurants in your neighborhood that deliver orders. In addition, there are several delivery services that deliver from a variety of restaurants

Just Eat - delivery service that works with over 650 restaurants in Valencia, since 2011

Uber Eats - several Valencia Restaurants



Corte Ingles -

Free delivery above 100€ C-Ingles card; 125€ other charge cards

Same day delivery before noon; pick your own delivery time

Mercadona -         +34 90 050 01 03

Mon-Sat 902 113 177; delivers between 07:00-22:00

Consum -!Home



TeleTaxi - specially adapted vans for wheelchair use

Ciudad del Aprendiz 17 (46017)                                                                     +34 96 357 13 13

Official fares approved by the Valencia Regional Government                            

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