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         "MORAL DIS/ORDER:  Art and Sexuality in Europe Between the Wars"

Institut Valenci' d'Art Modern (IVAM), Guillem de Castro 118

22 October 2020 – 21 March 2021

Tu-Su 10:00-19:00; Fri 10:00-21:00; free until 1/1/21


This exhibit examines changes that took place in sexuality and morality in Europe between the two world wars. A newfound freedom in customs found fertile terrain for expression in art – drawing, printing, painting, sculpture – which captures this nonconformity against the moralizing norm. Expressions of freedom flourished even while censorship continued in repressive situations. Divided into 7 sections: The Body, Bloomsbury & Aesthetics, Trauma & Desire, Masks, Sex, Salaciousness, Totalitarianism.

Madrid – The Prado


“Uninvited Guests: Episodes on Women, Ideology, and the Visual Arts in Spain” (1833-1931),  through 14 March 2021


Prado web site includes background essays, videos, and interactive resources. Exhibit explores how artworks bought and celebrated by the Spanish state between 1833 and 1931 treated women as people and artists. The show is divided into 17 sections such as the patriarchal mould, the art of indoctrination, guidance for the wayward, mothers under judgment, nudes, etc/ It is not without controversy:  is it a show that still projects the misogyny of that century, or, as the Prado claims, one that provides social, historical and artistic context.

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