November 2021

So much has happened over the past month, and we have so much planned for the next one. Please read below to find out what the IWCV has planned for you!


Our annual elections will happen in the first 2 months of the coming year. There are three open positions on our Board that need to be filled by someone who is ready, willing, and able to help out on an on-going basis.

The open positions which will be elected for a 2 year term beginning in 2022 are Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Member-at-Large. Attached to this email is a nominations form. All IWCV members may nominate themselves or another IWCV member to the open positions. To nominate the member of your choice, please complete the attached form, sign it, and follow the directions to submit it to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will contact each nominee to verify her willingness to serve if elected. Thank you all for your help with this very important function!

IWCV Wine Tasting & Tour of the Murviedro Bodega

Thursday, November 11 So many of us love to travel, and so many of us love to try good wine, that we decided to combine the two into a wine tasting and tour of the Murviedro Bodega in Requena, with lunch and free-flowing wine. Details of the tour are below. To register, please click on and then click “register” and follow the instructions.

This tour is open to IWCV members with or without their spouses, partners, or guests. To register more than one person, click on the dropdown box you will see after you click “register” and enter the number of persons. You will receive your ticket(s) by email. If the trip fills, you can still join a waitlist and if there are cancelations, you will be offered a place in the order you signed up.


Bus departs Torres de Serranos (Calle del Serranos 31) at 9:30 AM. Please arrive before then as we cannot wait for you. Note: Masks are required for the bus.

  • Arrive at Requena

  • Visit to Wine Museum

  • Tour of Murviedro Historical Winery

  • Murviedro Wine Tasting (half the group will do the winery tour first, and the other half second)

  • Lunch at Despensa de Sofia – Menú del Dia with free-flowing wine

  • Return to Valencia

Cost is €41 per person. Please bring exact change (cash only!)

Cancellation Procedure: If for any reason you find that you cannot attend, please make sure to go to the link above (or email and cancel your place. If you cancel your place less than 72 hours before the event (in this case, after 9 AM on Monday 8 November) and we cannot replace you from a waitlist, you will be charged the full price of the tour. Thank you for understanding.



Membership Events for November

  • New Member Merienda – Our “merienda” for new members (and those who have been with the IWCV for a while) was held on Tuesday 26 October at MuviMent and was very successful. New members met some of us “old-timers” and they learned what the IWCV does to make members’ lives in Valencia more enjoyable. We hope to have another merienda in a few months time.


  • First Tuesday Coffee – Tuesday 2 November, 10:30 to Noon at MuviMent, outside behind the Muvim Museum. Due to the timing of this month’s coffee morning, it has already happened! Three tables of women, both IWCV members and those who haven’t joined us yet (but hopefully will shortly!), enjoyed a brisk November morning, some coffee , and a very special talk by IWCV member Susan Hoover all about olive oil. Susan explained the different types of olive oils, where to find them, how to use them, plus we got to smell and taste several varieties. The response to this talk was so enthusiastic that we may even have an olive oil tour for our members this coming spring!


  • November Luncheon, for members with or without their spouses/partners – Thursday 18 November. Details will be posted on our website soon and you will receive an email notice when that happens.


  • OWL – Our very own IWCV Happy Hour, for members, their spouses, partners, and guests. Wednesday 24 November, 6 PM to 7:30 or whenever! At Babilonia, Carrer del Mestre Clavé, 1, just off C/San Vincent Martir next door to VinoTinto. No need to register but please email Jane at and let her know how many you will be so we can give the folks at Babilonia a ballpark headcount.


  • IWCV Recipe Project: Our recipe project is expanding thanks to our very own Chef Amanda, who will provide monthly “cooking tips” to help ease our culinary efforts! The tips will be posted on the IWCV website along with our members’ recipes each month. Our recipe theme for November is “One Pot Autumn Meals”.

Please attach your recipe to an email and send it to Chef Amanda at If you have a photo of your finished dish, please attach that too! And, don’t forget to take a look at the October “End of Summer Fish” recipes submitted by your fellow IWCV members! You can see them, along with Chef Amanda’s latest cooking tip, on our website at IWC Valencia Recipes | IWC - Valencia.


Charities Update

A special thank you to all you lovely IWCV ladies who continue without any effort to support our charities in so many ways. It is greatly appreciated by the IWCV Charities Team and also by Proyecto Vivir, Casa Caridad, and Casa Ronald

Design a Holiday Card Competition

The winner of our competition is Susan Hoover. Susan's beautiful card design captured all elements of the holiday season CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN!!

The Holiday Cards will be on sale soon and all proceeds will go to our charities.

Amigos de la Calle

Our Christmas Gift Bag project for the homeless will be managed in collaboration with Amigos de La Calle. Please watch out for our news alert in the coming weeks with full details

Casa Caridad

We continue to accept donations of diapers and wet wipes for Casa Caridad. Please bring your donations along to any IWCV event or if you wish to order on line from your local grocery store, please have the diapers/wet wipes delivered to

Casa Caridad

Passing de la Petxina 9

46008 Valencia

Proyecto Vivir

Volunteers are always welcome at Proyecto Vivir. Volunteers are required to watch children from newborn to two years. The volunteers are required during the following hours:

10:30-12:30/13:30 Mornings

17:00 - 19:00 Afternoons

If you are interested, please call Cristina directly on +34 687 534 099, let her know you are an IWCV member and you can then arrange an interview at a convenient time.

Casa Ronald

The holiday season is fast approaching and Casa Ronald have released their new gift range. We will start taking orders from the beginning of November at all events or if you wish you can send your order to Carmen on

Please see below gifts and and price list.

T-shirt 5€

Keyring: 3€

Bag: 10€

Agenda/Diary 2022 : 10€

Notebook: 6€

Mask Lanyard: 3€

Soft Toy 6€



What activities would you, our members, like to see us offer? Please keep an eye out for additional activities that you think the IWCV should offer our members - it is a challenge for us to keep up with all the websites, Facebook posts, etc. and we could use some more pairs of eyes to spot those things that might work for us! If you see something that might be a good activity for our membership, please make note and let me know by emailing me at

We also let our members know about non-IWCV activities through posts on our “Join Us for Local Events” WhatsApp group. These are informational; any member may post events that are happening in the city and not IWCV-sponsored.

If you want to be part of Join Us for Local Events, our IWC-Social Chat (where you can ask questions that other members may have answers to) or the Women Who Walk What's App chat groups, please send me a What's App (+34 605 11 76 32) and I will be happy to add you to the group(s).


Adriana Calcines - Venezuelan-Spanish

Alicia Senón-Llopis Golec - Spanish

Catherine Cleaver - American

Catherine Lowe - American/Irish

Elena Koroleva - Russian

Gulpasha Askarova - Ukrainian

Helena Schoetzow - American

Jana Johnsen - American

Margaret Johnstone - American

Marty Baker - American

Michelle Klein -

Michelle McGowan - American

Molly Carson - American


Ana Castiglioni

Anelia Krandeva

Antonieta Lisondra

Belinda James

Catherine Cleaver

Catherine Lowe

Collin Roberts

Donna Morgan

Erica Worthington

Gloria Newhoff

Ida Mauritzen

Jean Higgins

Jenny Newall

JoAn Conboy

Josie McCoy

Karen Somerville

Karla Ingleton-Darocas

Kathy Wittner

Kerry Hough

Lilia Espinosa Tyson

Linds Edralin-Boughton

Lynn Jump-Alqahtani

Maria Belton

Nadine Hawkins de Namor

Rebecca Weston

Silvia Matos

Sonia Martos


Monday, 1 November All Saints Day

Thursday, 25 November Thanksgiving (USA Holiday)

Enjoy the cooler weather we should have in November, and we hope to see you at many of our activities this month!

Jane Buck,


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