May 2021

After what must have been record setting rain in April, we are ready for a sun-filled May! We hope to see you at our outdoor activities this month.

  • Congratulations to Cindy Roberts, our new IWCV Webmistress, who has been appointed to the IWCV Board of Directors. Cindy is working hard to make our website more user friendly, more interesting, and more accessible for all of us. Thank you, Cindy!

  • We usually have our Annual General Meeting in May, but due to Covid restrictions we won’t be able to have a quorum in attendance now. So, we’re crossing our fingers and scheduling the meeting for September, when hopefully we will be able to meet up without limit on how many of us get together!

  • Vaccines – for those of you who have already received your Covid vaccine, and for those who receive it in the coming months, here’s how to get your “vaccine passport” (or at least, proof that you’ve had the vaccine):

Go to the following website:

Provide the following information where indicated:

  • Sip Number (No Sip)

  • Birthdate (Fecha Nacimiento)

  • Sip Issue Date (if your card has a date) (Fecha emission tarjeta – Si la tarjeta dispone de fecha)

  • Enter the code that will appear on the screen and press “validar” (Introducir el codigo que le aparecerá en la pantalla y por ultimo “validar”

  • May Luncheon – 2 PM on Thursday 20 May, but you are welcome to arrive a little early for a drink and to catch up with friends. After having to postpone our April luncheon twice due to rain, we are hoping for a lovely May day to catch up with each other. Members only. To register and for full details, click here Members Only Events | IWC - Valencia (

  • We’ve got some incredibly yummy chicken recipes submitted by our members this past month. I’ve tried a couple and they’re really good! Next time you’re not sure what to make for dinner, just go to IWC Valencia Recipes | IWC - Valencia and chose one…you can’t go wrong! And do submit your May recipes to Chef Amanda at Our theme for May is “Vegetable Side Dishes” – so put on your thinking cap (or thinking apron!) and let’s see what you come up with! If you’re at all like me, figuring what to cook for a main course is not so terribly difficult…but deciding what to serve with it can be much more of a challenge! Please, only one submission per person, in Word format attached to your email. If you have a photo of your dish, please attach that to your email too.

  • If you are new to the IWCV you will have been contacted by Joanne Simpson, Neighborhood Ambassador Coordinator, and then by your neighborhood ambassador for a coffee and/or tour of your neighborhood. If this hasn’t happened, please contact Joanne at


Peter (a/k/a Stephen) Somogyi, husband of our member Notta Somogyi, has written a book, recently released, about his time working with Swarovski. In his fascinating memoir “Swarovski – My Role in Building the Brand”, Peter tells the story of how, during his 40 years with Swarovski, they moved from supplying glass stones and chandelier parts, to become the leading brand of jewelries in the world, with 25OO shops in 180 countries. The cost of the book is £14 (€16). Peter has very generously offered to donate €5 from each book purchased by IWCV members to the charities supported by the IWCV. We will try to have a supply on hand at our monthly coffee morning and luncheon, but you can reserve your copy by emailing Pauline Fitzgerald at Thank you, Peter and Notta!


  • We had our first in our Speaker Series in April. Gabriela Encina presented “Self-Care in Times of Corona” to 13 IWCV members via Zoom. This very timely presentation addressed what is happening in the world and how we might learn to cope with it. The discussion was lively, with a lot of participation by our members as we learned how to better care for ourselves these days. We look forward to having more presentations and hopefully in the future they will be in person, but until then we'll have them virtually on Zoom. All members are welcome to participate!

  • By now we’re all itching to get outside, and as restrictions lift so will our activities. Right now, we have Mah Jong Mondays and Women Who Walk on Fridays. We have a new Mah Jong class starting Friday, April 30 with a full class and a new teacher – many thanks to Karen Magee-Koski for graciously offering to help out with this! If mahjong is something you think you might like to learn, please let Jane Buck know by email to A new class will be scheduled as soon as we have 4 people signed up.

  • Women Who Walk on Fridays is increasing in numbers as the weather gets better. Whatever your pace, there is always someone for you to walk with. After 1 hour we stop and have coffee and chat. It’s a great way to get some exercise and to get to know others!


Some possible future activities:

  • “Longe-côte” is a French sport activity of muscular and cardiovascular reinforcement without joint trauma. Bonus: it's perfect if you want to lose some weight It is basically a walk in the water along the coast with the help, in the original version, of a paddle. Here, it will be practiced without a paddle and, for safety reasons, the water will be up only to the hips. If you want some more information, please contact Claudine Escaith at

  • Wine tasting – coming soon! We’re sure this will be a hit with summer coming. More info to follow….

If you think of other activities that you feel would work for our members, please email Phyllis at, and let her know your ideas.


1 May Labor Day


Alex Pericolini New Zealand

Carla Ventresca USA

Gayle Martin USA

Mathilde Rispoli USA

Risa Shargel USA


Adrienne Taylor

Alice Grether

Brenda Sherman

Deborah Pallach

Diana Sumner

gisella casolaro

Jackie Trowbridge

Janine Forbes

Jill Miller

Karen Fallon

Karen O'Reilly

Liesbeth Devriendt

Linda Byrd

Lulu Colon-Mettry

Madeleine Cutting

Madonna Sánchez

Miina Sikk

Montse Simarro

Nina Zgheibeh

Notta Somogyi

Renee Kemsley

Rosalinde Jacques

Vanessa Wilson

Victoria Brase

Yvonne Rodriguez

We hope to see many of you next Tuesday 4th at our First Tuesday coffee at MuviMent!

Jane Buck,


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