March 2021

Restrictions are beginning to ease up this month, and as that happens we will be able to restart some of our old activities. Hopefully we will have a First Tuesday Coffee and a Luncheon by April, and there are more activities happening in March (see below for details).

  • Our website has a new resource for those of you who may be interested. Take a look in our “Resources” section (Valencia Resources | IWC - Valencia ( under “Medical” or “Emergencies for details of Samaritans in Spain, which offers 24-hour, confidential help by telephone or email, for people who are experiencing emotional problems of any kind.

  • Covid Vaccine – even if you have private insurance – or none at all – you are still eligible for a Covid vaccine in Spain in accordance with your age and condition. You just need to apply for a SIP card by going to YOUR local health center (check at to find the correct center’s address). Note: if you have private or no insurance, this SIP card will NOT entitle you to coverage, but it will allow you to have the vaccine. And, even if you already have a SIP card – with or without coverage, please make sure that your Center has your correct phone number as that is how you will be contacted when it’s time for your vaccine. Please do not contact IWCV Board members about other details (when you will be called, which vaccine you will get, etc.) as we don’t have the answers to those types of questions!


  • We are continuing our Friday Zoom get-togethers this month. These take place on Fridays from 5:30-6:30 and all members are very welcome to join us for a fun chat, to see old friends and to make new ones, all from the safety of your home!. To join, please just use your smartphone, iPad, notebook, laptop, or PC and enter this link (you can use the same link each week):

Meeting ID: 885 8734 1080

Passcode: 098368



Our friends at Casa Ronald McDonald have started a new fundraising activity to honor Fallas and to try to make up for the funds they haven’t been able to get due to Covid restrictions. It would be great if we could help them out! Here are the details directly from Casa Ronald:

One of the things that makes us happiest in this House is the beautiful bond that we have since our beginnings with the Fallas world - which has been by our side each and every one of these years - always giving us their love and support. That is why we wanted our fifth and last collection of solidarity masks to be to pay tribute to Valencia and the best party in the world, Las Fallas J. Two different models that pursue the same goal, to look Valencian.

The Mocador model pays tribute to the fallero scarf that we wear with so much pride in the month of March. This mask can be obtained in both size M and size L.

The Valencia model has a black and white design with the image of a fallera surrounded by emblematic places of our city.

For only € 10, in full for the maintenance of the House, choose the one you like the most and look Valencian. If you are interested, call us at 96 374 52 02 to order yours or write to us at

Don't delay, they are limited edition! Technical characteristics:

  • Reusable more than 25 washes.

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) 91.81 ± 2.86

  • Breathability: Differential Pressure 40.06 ± 1

  • They comply with UNE0065: 2020 Regulations

  • Waterproof and antibacterial fabric

  • 92% Polyester 8% Elastane


With current restrictions being lifted we are looking at the activities we can provide for our members. Here’s what we have so far:

  • We will be playing Mah Jong again at a new location as soon as we have a sunny Monday.

  • Women Who Walk will restart this coming Friday, March 5 at 11 a.m., meeting on the Turia in front of the Palau de la Musica. All are welcome and there is always someone who will walk at your pace, from slow to fast! We will walk for an hour and stop for coffee afterwards at the Jardines de la Turia cafe. Come join us as we get back to our “normal” lives!


  • Our new IWC Recipe Exchange has been a huge success. With all the cooking we’ve been doing at home, this is a great way to discover something new to try from our members’ favorite recipes. Thank you to all who submitted recipes for our first theme “One-pot Meals”. You can see the recipes on our website under IWC Valencia Recipes ( We hope you’ll give them a try – they’re very good!

And many thanks to our Recipe Exchange chair, our very own Chef Amanda. Each month Chef Amanda will suggest a different theme for recipes. All you have to do is send one recipe (in a Word document attached to an email please) with one photo if you have it (attached separately to the email) to Chef Amanda at Complete directions for submissions are posted on our website.

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: our theme for March is THAI FOOD! Yum! Recipe submissions are due by Saturday 20 March.

  • Many of you know about and participate in our “Join Us for Local Events” WhatsApp chat, where you will find details of non-IWCV sponsored events and activities happening in Valencia. “Join Us" is only for events (as you know because Phyllis reminds you!), but we thought it would be good to have a separate WhatsApp group just for chats, questions, things you might feel like sharing – for example, photos of a trip (not too many), questions you may have (where do I find an English-speaking optometrist) or a funny (non-political please!) meme you have seen. If you are not comfortable with posting on Facebook, the IWCV’s new IWCV Social Chat WhatsApp group will be the place for you as this group will be private, for IWCV members only. Please let Phyllis know of your interest via WhatsApp (+34 605 11 76 32) and she will add you to this new group.


  • Remember to keep your eyes open for additional activities you would like to participate in – or even start up! and email the information to Phyllis So at


19 March - St. Joseph's Day


Sonata Jakutoniene – Lithuanian

Marianne Falck – Australian/Swedish


Andrea Cartwright Anjum Gadhok Bonnie Scott Cathy Moore Charo Carracedo Chloe LoBianco Gail Gillis Inez Reser Karen Gutridge Laurie Wisbrun Margaret Chanequa Maria Muniz Maria Rieff Mireya Cillero Missy Anobile Patricia Murray Sasha Milo Sirkka-Liisa Kaila Sonata Jakutoniene Suzan Cioffi Taryna Hughes

We are looking forward to seeing many of you next month at our First Tuesday Coffee Morning and our April Luncheon, weather and Covid restrictions permitting! Details will be in next month’s Newsletter.

Jane Buck, President

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