July 2022

This will be the last IWCV Newsletter until September. Many of you will be traveling over the next couple months – possibly trying to escape the hotter-than-usual Valencia summer months – and we have decided not to schedule a whole lot of things until more of you, our members, are in town. But, that doesn’t mean that the IWCV will close down completely! Over the summer we will continue with these activities:

  • First Tuesday Coffee – on Tuesday 5 July (yes, that’s next Tuesday!) and Tuesday 2 August, both at 10:30 am at MuviMent, on the terraza behind the MUVIM Museum. The coffee morning is open to all women in Valencia, both members and those who have not officially joined us yet. There is no need to register in advance - just stop by and join us!

  • OWL – on Wednesday 27 July and Wednesday 31 August. The IWCV’s “OWL” Happy Hour will take place at 6 PM at Babilonia, just off St. Vincent Martyr next door to Hundred. Your spouse / partner / guests are welcome to join you. There is no need to register for OWL, but if you know that you will be at either – or both! – please email pres.iwcvalencia@gmail.com and let us know how many of you will be coming so that we can let the folks at Babilonia know about how many we will be.

Our monthly luncheons will resume in September.

Whether or not our “on-going” activities – the ones that recur weekly or monthly such as Women Who Walk, Mahjong, Knit & Knatter – will continue over the summer will depend on each individual activity’s coordinator. Please contact them directly, or contact Phyllis So, our VP – Activities, at vpactivities.iwcvalencia@gmail.com for information on the summer schedule for these or other activities.


Ana Tormo Spain

Bela Patel Indian

Deepa Poona Indian

Joanne Richardson British

Kimi Engelen Dutch

Lastenia Narváez Alarcon Venezuelan

Manisha Natalwala British

Mari Carmen Alvarez Spanish/Swiss

Nadia Yarychevska Ukrainian

Romania Maggio Italian

Sandra Car British


DeAlonna Kirk

Ellen Horovitz

Emy Salem

Gabi Canez

Kathy Kudell

Kimi Engelen

Laura Kelly

Lee Warzecka

Margaret Johnstone

Margarita Ducaju

Romania Maggio

Sandra Kim

Sandra Molyneaux

Tricia Bryan

Uxoa King-Arenzana


For those of you who are interested in donating to or volunteering at any of the three charities supported by the IWCV (Casa Caridad, Casa Ronald McDonald Valencia, Proyecto Vivir) over the summer – or even in the autumn! – please contact Pauline Fitzgerald, our Charities & Fundraising Chairperson, at pauline.fitzgerald9@gmail.com


As the number of special events and activities the IWCV offers to you, its members, continues to grow, we need more and more of you to help us coordinate them. You will never have to do this completely on your own, and we are hoping that enough of you will be interested that we will be able to work in pairs to make sure these things go off without a hitch. If you are interested in helping out – either on an on-going or one-off basis – please contact Phyllis So at vpactivities.iwcvalencia@gmail.com. And, as always, if you have ideas for new, different, and fun activities for our members, please let us know!


25 July, Monday St. James Day (in Madrid)

15 August, Monday The Assumption of Mary

To those of you who are here over the summer, we are looking forward to seeing you at our First Tuesday Coffee Mornings and at OWL; and to the rest of you, have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you in September!

Jane Buck,


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