February 2021

February finds us under new restrictions, which sadly mean that we must once again curtail our IWCV group activities (no February first Tuesday coffee, no luncheon, no mahjong, no Knit & Knatter, no Women Who Walk) – for the time being. But, we will still be seeing any of you who would like to participate in our weekly Zoom happy hours (see below) and who knows – perhaps as more of us are vaccinated, the restrictions will lessen and we may approach normality sooner than we think!

We have a new IWCV Board member! Congratulations to Pauline Fitzgerald, who has been appointed VP – Charities for the remainder of this IWCV year. Pauline will be responsible for making sure the needs of the charities supported by the IWCV (Casa Caridad, Casa Ronald, and Proyecto Vivir) are met while at the same time not overwhelming our members. Welcome on Board, Pauline!


Many thanks to our new Neighborhood Ambassadors Janine Forbes (Valencia), Cheryl Speer (Gandia) and Daniela Thonon (Paterna). These three lovely ladies have volunteered to join our other Ambassadors in welcoming new members in their neighborhoods and in just being there for members in need. If you would like to contact an Ambassador in your neighborhood, please contact Joanne Simpson (joanneis1@hotmail.com).


Some statistics that you will hopefully find interesting:


  • As of January 21, 2021, the IWCV has 265 members, up 105 from one year ago.

  • 126 of our members heard of us through other members, Facebook accounted for introducing us to 67 members, internet search 37, events 4, friends 3, and other 28. This means that you are our best means of letting “newbies” know that we’re here! Please keep up the good work!


  • Your Board is in the process of preparing a short online membership survey that we hope will give us a better idea of what the IWCV can do for you over the next year or so. You will receive a link to the survey by email. Please do take a few minutes to complete it- it’s easy, and very important! Many thanks –


Thanks to all of our members who helped us fulfill our charities’ requests over the holiday season! Here’s what we have accomplished, with your help:

  • We raised €780 for Casa Ronald McDonald through the sale of holiday decorations, mugs, and IWCV masks


  • We donated 1,766 diapers to Casa Caridad


  • 6 phones and 2 laptops were donated and delivered to Proyecto Vivir


  • We had a good month for our Women Who Walk group on Fridays although sadly it has come to a (hopefully) short interruption due to Covid restrictions. We also have had a change in coordinators – Ida Mauritzen is now the primary coordinator and Belinda James is co-coordinator. You will receive messages regarding any change in walks schedules from Ida. Contact details for this activity are now on the IWCV website. We will also start a WhatsApp Group called.... you guessed it! Women Who Walk. To join, please just ask Ida or Belinda to add you. You can get up-to-date messages on the status of this activity through the Women Who Walk WhatsApp group.

  • Mah Jong and Knit and Knatter, like all other events, have been postponed until the restrictions let up.

  • One way we can stay connected despite the restrictions is through a Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom. These will take place on Fridays from 5:30-6:30. Our next Happy Hour will be this coming Friday 5 February. To join, please just use your smartphone, iPad, notebook, laptop, or PC and use this link (you can use the same link each week):


IWCV Virtual Happy Hour Fridays 5:30PM beginning 5 February


Meeting ID: 885 8734 1080

Passcode: 098368

What makes IWC works is our members! Please think of what you might want to do and then volunteer to coordinate it so it everyone helps and your great ideas can actually happen! Please contact Phyllis at vpactivities.iwcvalencia@gmail.com with any ideas you may have or to volunteer!



Catherine McCallum - Scottish

Erika Bischoff – US/German

Janie Burge – British

Livia Persson – Swedish

Maria Muniz – US

Nadine Hawkinds de Nemor – British

Nina Zgheibeh – Syria

Pam Smith – British/Spanish

Sophie Harris – Irish

Susan Amatouri – US

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our weekly happy hours, and hopefully in person before we know it! In the meantime, stay healthy, keep washing your hands, and please, please wear your masks!

Jane Buck,


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