April 2022

Spring has sprung and we’ve got some fantastic new events for our members this month!


  • First Tuesday Coffee – Our first Tuesday Coffee will be next Tuesday 5 April, 10:30am at MuviMent, on the terraza behind the MUVIM Museum. It is open to all women in Valencia, both members and those who have not officially joined us yet. There is no need to register in advance - just stop by and join us!

  • April Luncheon, for members only – Our April luncheon will be held on Thursday 21 April. Details will be available soon and we will let you know as soon as they are posted.

  • Olive Oil Tour & Tasting – on Wednesday 13 April. Please see the attached description for details of the tour and registration instructions.

  • High Tea for Charity – on Thursday 14 April. There will be sweets and savories, Cava and wine, and tea, plus an optional “Springtime in Valencia” Easter Bonnet contest. Please see the attached description for details of the event and how to sign up.

  • OWL – The IWCV’s “OWL” Happy Hour will take place at 6 PM on Wednesday 27 April at Babilonia, just off St. Vincent Martir next door to what used to be VinoTinto . Your spouse / partner / guests are welcome to join you. There is no need to register for OWL, but if you know that you will be there please email pres.iwcvalencia@gmail.com and let us know how many of you will be coming so that we can let the folks at Babilonia know about how many we will be.


Proyectir Vivir If you are looking to have fun, keep busy, and really make a difference, we could use your help! We are looking for a Coordinator for Proyecto Vivir. If anyone is interested to take on this role please email Pauline as soon as possible at pauline.fitzgerald9@gmail.com

For those of you who are still interested to volunteer at Proyecto Vivir, can you please call Cristina at PV on +34 687 534099 and arrange a convenient time to meet with her. When you call tell her you are an IWCV member.

Our focus continues to raise funds for alimentary items. Some of the basic needs are infant and feminine hygiene products, shampoo, shower gel, creams etc. and food stuff such as pasta, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, fruits, and fresh produce. Rice is not required as they have a regular supplier. PV will be happy if people wish to purchase the products and drop them off or have them delivered via supermarket service. Or, if you prefer, Cristina at PV knows their exact needs and a donation would also be appreciated. A one-off donation is wonderful but if anyone wishes to make a monthly donation you can do so through the Proyecto Vivir website. PV can provide certificates of donations for tax deductions if required. If you make a donation to PV please reference it with IWCValencia. The website for info and details is www.proyectovivir.es. Information on collaboration, donations and the store is at: www.proyectovivir.es/colabora/


Our first official tour for 2022 was the tour of the Pilar Fallas. It was a great event despite the winter wind. We had 27 attendees and were able to give 270€ to the Casal to help them with next year’s Falla. (See below for more details).

April’s event will be the Olive Oil Tour with Susan Hoover. See the attached description for details and registration instructions.

There will be two special events coming up in May. On 24 May we will have a trip to Gandia to see the Ducal Palace and on 31 May (approximately) we will have a wine and mussels boat trip.

In June we will have a boat trip out to the Mediterranean for a dip in the sea.

We are also hoping to re-start our Knit and Knatter group again, we plan to start an IWCV Intercambio, and a wine evening is in the planning stages.

Any other ideas? We would love to hear from you with what you are interested in doing, and if you are willing to head it up. We will have people to help you so you won’t be on your own! Please email Phyllis at vpactivities.iwcvalencia@gmail.com with your thoughts..

Visit to Pilar Fallas, March 15, 2022

The IWCV was fortunate this year to secure a tour with the Pilar Fallas. This was our second visit to the Casal and the last one was pre-Covid. It proved to be amazing once again. Emilio, our tour guide and host at the after tour party led us inside the fence (we were celebrities!) and he described this year’s Falla. Pilar has been in fierce competition over the years with Convent Jerusalen for the show winner. This year, they were edged out for number 1 but received a very satisfactory 2nd place.

Emilio gave us much history of this Fallas including that he’s been with them since he was born. After the tour we went to the Casal (clubhouse) for a nice almuerzo (chips, sausage, beer, wine or water) and tour of the many photos of the Fallas over the years. The history is fascinating.

Some of us joined the Casal a few years back and if anybody is interested, send me an email and I’ll let him know of the interest. When we joined it was 20€ that includes year long parties leading up to the Fallas and at one of the last parties we were able to meet the Fallas artist and the current Fallas queen.

From the many comments it was a hit! Thanks for all that attended. We hope to be lucky to attend again next year.


Agnes Garcia - French

Alina Komisar - Ukrainian

Elizabeth McCullough - American

Iris Von Busse - German

Kathy Kudell - American

PIlar Morant Viñarta - Spanish

Susan March - American

Teresa Lemon Shepro - American

Ulrika Rendel - Swedish

Ursula Hoffman - American


Alex Pericolini

Alla Volpyansky

Camila Velez

Carla Ventresca

Caroline Blennerhassett

Cecilia Heer

Danielle Beeson

Diana Mariella Dologh

Elizaveta Polyakova

Georgina Durr

Isabel Navarro Mestre

Jacqueline Jensen

Janie Burge

Jeannette Nieuwendijk

Jennifer Coleman

Judy McDaniel

Kassima Finardi

Kumal Condron

Livia Laks

Livia Persson

Lucia Fappiano

Margaret Mitchell

Marti Lay

Martina Van de Gey

Paca Pascual

Pauline Fitzgerald

Susan Haugesag

Vesna Music

Zonia Horn


15 April Good Friday

18 April Easter Monday

We hope to see you at many of our activities this month and during the months that follow!

Jane Buck,


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