Monthly Newsletter

October 2020

Again, alas!, we find ourselves restricted from large gatherings, but we hope to begin offering some small-group excursions and programs soon.  You will find links below for more information and registration procedures for what's been planned.




  • Congratulations to our new IWCV Board members Jane Buck (President); Susan Kaplan (Vice-President, Membership), Sandra Molyneaux (Secretary), and Elaine Weckwerth (At-Large). They will serve one and ¾ year terms due to the delay in holding elections this year. They will join Phyllis So (Vice President, Activities) and Angela Beadling (Treasurer) who are completing the second of their two year terms as Board members.

  • Congratulations and a very big thank you to Joanne Simpson, who has agreed to be Coordinator of our Neighborhood Ambassador Program. Under Joanne’s guidance, our Ambassadors will continue to help new members adjust to their new homes in Valencia and help our longer term members who need help finding a particular shop, maybe a bank or a doctor, or who just need someone to talk to in these sometimes difficult days of Covid.

  • We are very pleased to announce that Carmen Rieff has agreed to take on the position of IWCV Coordinator for Casa Ronald Valencia (Ronald McDonald House), one of the charities supported by the IWCV. Many thanks to Carmen, who will be our main contact for our fundraising efforts for Casa Ronald.

  • Thank you also to Susan Kaplan who has agreed to continue her role as Webmistress until her successor is trained. Susan was officially appointed to this position in September, although she has been doing it without credit for years!

  • Due to Covid limitations on gatherings, IWCV will NOT hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2020, but we hope to distribute the annual report for the past IWCV year to members later in the month. 




  • There’s a new benefit for members available to all of you now on the IWCV web site – a Bibliography of books, film, and TV “By, About, and For Women.”  We figured that with the recent isolation, we have all been reading and viewing some interesting, significant, or just plain fun works which we might want to share with others or use to expand our own dwindling libraries. Take a look at what Sandra’s put together here, and if you have additions, please let her know!
    Contact:  Sandra Molyneaux, IWCV Secretary – 






Proyecto Vivir, one of the charities supported by the IWCV, is looking for volunteers to help them out. If you or your husband/partner/friend are interested in lending a hand, please contact Jane at

  • A plumber to repair leaky WC and other things their bathrooms

  • Volunteers to work at their charity shop

  • Fundraising organizers

  • Volunteers to paint parts of their façade and walls on the inside


The IWCV also needs your help! We are looking for members who would like to get more involved in any capacity, but specifically we need:

  • Someone to act as primary IWCV coordinator for Proyecto Vivir, a local charity that works for the development, emancipation and empowerment of women (mostly single mothers). A working knowledge of Spanish is preferable but not required.

  • A Coordinator for the IWCV’s charitable efforts with all the charities supported by the IWCV. This person would act as liaison between the IWCV Board and the individual IWCV charity coordinators.

For information on what’s involved and/or to sign up, please contact Susan at




As we all know, our charities have been hit particularly hard over the past months as more and more people were (and sadly, continue to be) impacted by Covid. Our charities have been stretched very tightly, and any help our members can give would be so very much appreciated. Specificially,

  • Proyecto Vivir needs nappies (diapers), baby formula, sanitary pads, tampons, other hygiene products, and an awning for their clothes shop with their name and logo visible

  • Casa Ronald Valencia (Ronald McDonald House) has a “wish list” of items it needs to help the children and their families. Please take a look at and see if there’s any way you’re able to help

If you have questions, please contact Jane at




IWCV now has Covid masks with our very own logo for sale at only €5 each. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Casa Ronald. To date, IWCV has donated €150 through sales of masks. Be sure to purchase your masks at our next IWCV gathering.




  • It was a quiet month, but the Tuesday Coffees continue to attract members.  We particularly encourage new members to join these unstructured gatherings.  Saltimbocca's success at the August luncheon was continued at the September Coffee.  


  • IWCV’s September luncheon was extremely pleasant as 15 members enjoyed participating in the Valencia Paella Festival under Almar's awning where we could see and hear the Mediterranean.  Unfortunately, several people who reserved places did not attend and we were charged for their uneaten meals. Please, if you cannot attend, let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that we can adjust the expected count.  See our cancellation policy on the IWCV web site event registration form. 


  • Mahjong continues to be lively and offers welcome relief from the pressures of politics and Virus policing.  Word is that “newbies” are now beating the “experts” at Monday sessions! If you would like to enter a new world of Mahjong, contact Jane at  Classes will begin when four women indicate interest.


October Holidays – usual participation or disruptions


  • Friday, 9 October           Valencia Regional Day -

  • Monday, 12 October      Spanish National Day

  • Sunday, 25 October       Daylight Savings Ends

  • Sunday, 1 November      All Saints' Day


You may want to google these holidays to find out what special events are planned for the day this year (well, not for Daylight Savings time – for that one, just remember to change your clocks!)




  • First Tuesday Coffee, Tuesday, 6 October. For details and registration, click here

  • October Luncheon, Thursday, 15 October. For details and registration, click here

  • Knit and Knatter, Thursday, 22 October For details and registration, click here

  • Mahjong, Mondays at Saltimbocca any time between 11AM and 5 PM. No registration necessary but you must know how to play! (If you want to learn, please contact Jane at


Welcome to New Members

Susan Komornik - American

Cathy Moore - American

Linds Boughton - Filipino

Il Harrass – Spanish

Laurie Wisbrun – American

Julia Gunn – Russian

Amanda Cushman – American

Eline Vaernewijck – Belgian

Maxine Roberts – British

Jacqueline Jensen - British

Karlaingleton-Darocas - Canada

Happy Birthdays for October


Alicia Quaini

Angela  Beadling

Ann  Vanheule

Claudia  Abularach

Danielle  Thonon

Dora  Sanchez

Eileen   Esworthy

Elizabeth  MacIntyre

Jacqueline  Dyer

Jane  Wiegand

Karen Tate

Karen D'Eramo

Karen  Pulvers

Lori Sandoz

Marcela Mattenet  Heskett

Melane  Comstock

Nitu  Chugani

Oyku  Melikoglu

Susan Crochet

Susan Carey

Susan Komornik





Unless you have chatted with Vice President - Activities Phyllis So at a recent event, you might night not know how busy she has been planning future activities and excursions. We are doing our best to find things that are Covid-comfortable for our members, and now that the weather has cooled down, we hope to roll out some exciting new activities and restart some of our popular old ones. Please, if there is anything that you’d like to see the IWCV offer, and especially if you’re interested in coordinating whatever that might be, contact Phyllis at


Group Communications


Don't forget that the IWCV web site, while the primary source of IWCV information, is not the exclusive venue for conversations and planning. Please feel free to follow our Facebook Group “International Women’s Club Valencia” for IWCV news and announcement, and/or our join WhatsApp Group “Join us for Local Events” to find out what non-IWCV events are happening around town. For Facebook, just go to our page and click “follow”; for WhatsApp contact Phyllis So at WhatsApp +34 605 117 632 or email to


Please stay safe and healthy, wear those masks! and we’re looking forward to seeing you in October.


Jane Buck,