Monthly Newsletter
July 2020

Hope you are all well a breathing a sigh of relief  as we are now able to add a few more activities to our lives.  The Board has met via ZOOM and has decided that the IWC-Valencia will offer a few activities for those of you who a ready to get out a bit.  We realize that some of you may not want to participate and that is fine too.  Each of us needs to do what is comfortable for us.  If you are interested in participating, I would ask that you go to the events page and sign up.

Please welcome our June New Members.


Brenda Sherman – American

Karen Somerville – British

Anneli Sinikka Pedersen – Finnish – Norwegian

Margaret Baker – British

Charo Carracedo – Spanish

Patricia Ghiglino – American

Mary Anne Puttick - British

Happy Birthday to our July Birthdays!

Aideen Ryan

Anesu Muranda

DeAlona Kirk

Elena Garcia

Elizabeth Smith

Ellen Horovitz

Emy Salem

Enid Serrano

George Grossman

Joana Danquah

Laura Kelly

Maggie Curran

Margarita Ducaju

Marianne Rey

Mimi Bejarano

Sandra Molyneaux

Tricia Bryan

A reminder to those of you who have businesses or service that you would like our members to know about.  Send me a copy of your business card and I will post it in our resource guide on the page specifically for Member Owned Businesses.  Send the copy of your Business Card to

I would also encourage all of you to take a look at Valencia Resources.  It has a wealth of information and Sandra frequently updates the information.  

The donations made by our members to Proyecto Vivir were very much appreciated.  They are looking forward to the day when they can welcome you and give you a tour of their facility. Unfortunately the number of families needing support has grown to 25.  I will be sending an email with additional information regarding Proyecto Vivir as I hope we can continue to reach out to them in this time of need.

Phyllis So is putting together a “Lecture Series “ for our members.   If there is a topic you would like to know more about, or something you would like to share with the membership, please get in touch with Phyllis at:


For details and to sign-up please go to:

As some of the events sign-ups are time sensitive, please do it as soon as possible.











First Tuesday Coffee

Tuesday,  July 7, 2020        10:00 to 12:00


Guillem de  Castro 8 (and Quevedo 10)

We have decided to move our Tuesday morning coffee outdoors now that the weather has improved.  Come and enjoy a coffee with friends surrounded by trees, flowers and ancient columns at the Terraza de MuVim.















Thursday,  July  16, 2020



Flavours of Greece

 For details please click link below.















Wine Tasting

Tuesday,  July 21,  2020

Members only event

Limited to 8 members


For details and to sign-up please click the link below.


As the Tasting is limited to 8, we will keep a waitlist. If enough people are interested Johan will schedule a second tasting on Wednesday, July 22.



Mondays – 10:30

We continue to play Mahjong on Mondays  starting at 10:30 at Rogel.  This is for people who already know how to play. A second gathering happens on Thursdays if there are enough people to play.  For those of you who want to learn how to play, contact Jane Buck at

I look forward to seeing you soon.  In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.



Susan V. Kaplan

President, IWC-Valencia

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