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Monthly Newsletter
January 2022


The new year has begun, and the IWCV is back in full swing. We are hoping that we will have an uninterrupted year of fun getting to know each other and helping others too! 



  • First Tuesday Coffee – Our first Tuesday Coffee was held on 4 January. It was a little chilly, but we had a great turnout with new people and more experienced members getting to know each other while enjoying their coffees (and hot chocolates!). Our next First Tuesday Coffee will be on 1 February, as always at MuviMent, on the terraza behind the MUVIM Museum.

  • January Luncheon, for members only – Thursday 20 January. For details and to register, click here: January Luncheon at 64 Restaurant | IWC - Valencia Please remember that the Covid restrictions in Valencia require that you bring your Covid Passport and I.D. with you to the luncheon. If you have questions regarding this, please contact Jane at

  • OWL – The IWCV’s “OWL” Happy Hour will take place at 6 PM on Wednesday 26 January at Babilonia, just off St. Vincent Martir next to VinoTinto. Your spouse / partner / guests are welcome to join you. There is no need to register for OWL, but if you know that  you will be there please email and let us know how many of you will be coming so that we can let the folks at Babilonia know about how many we will be.

  • IWCV Recipe Project: You can see the Christmas recipes submitted by members last month, plus Chef Amanda’s monthly cooking tip, at Holiday recipes | IWC - Valencia.


First of all hats off to all you wonderful ladies for your overwhelming generosity with all of our holiday season projects and you ongoing support during 2021.  Your kindness knows no bounds and we are very grateful


Casa Ronald
We sold a total of 25 baskets for Casa Ronald. The company supplying the baskets donated €7.50 per basket. The IWC donation was €187.50. In addition, we raised €365 through the sale of bags, mask holders & tickets for the Gala Dinner.


Proyecto Vivir
PV are indebted to IWCV for the ladies who have volunteered to look after children and also help in the store. They still require volunteers in the store for Tuesday & Thursday afternoons and also Thursday mornings if anyone can spare a few hours.


Our focus for January and February will be to raise funds for alimentary items. Some of the basic needs are infant and feminine hygiene products, shampoo, shower gel, creams etc. and food stuff such as pasta, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, fruits, and fresh produce. Rice is not required as they have a regular supplier.


PV will be happy if people wish to purchase the products and drop them off or have them delivered via supermarket service. Or, if you prefer, Cristina at PV knows their exact needs and a donation would also be appreciated.


A one off donation is wonderful but if anyone wishes to make a monthly donation you can do so through the Proyecto Vivir website. PV can provide certificates of donations for tax deductions if required. If you make a donation to PV please reference it with IWCValencia The website for info and details is Information on collaboration, donations and the store:

Holiday Cards
The sale of IWC Cards raised a total of €300. This will be divided equally between our three charities. Thank you to everyone who purchased our cards


Amigos de la Calle

As you are all aware we supported Amigos de la Calle in the period before Christmas with the Christmas Gift Bag and Sponsor a Child Project


The Christmas Gift Bag Project was a great success, thanks to all you wonderful IWCV members we donated 116 gift bags to the homeless people in Valencia. What a wonderful way to have brought some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate than ourselves. As always the kindness of our members was beyond amazing.

A special thank you to Missy Anobile who coordinated this project within the IWCV. Missy did a fantastic job. Her apartment was like Santa's Grotto; her efforts and commitment were greatly appreciated.

The Sponsor a Child Project was also a great success. Amigos de la Calle work with other organizations on this project and this year we actually had willing IWCV sponsors than children! We sponsored 38 children, and a big thank you goes to those of you who were fortunate enough to participate and to those who were willing even though there weren’t enough children to go around. A big thank you for your kindness. The gifts were delivered to the children for The Three Kings.

A special mention must go to our IWCV member Claire Keefe who worked relentlessly with Amigos de la Calle on these projects. Thank you Claire for always being there, be it for a gift drop/collection or a question to be answered on the end of the phone. We hope you can have a well deserved rest in January and look forward to working with you and Amigos de la Calle next Christmas.


Finally a big thank you to Karen Koski, Carmen Martin, Roshanna Evans and their teams for their continued work and dedication to raise funds and find volunteers for our charities. The work these ladies do behind the scenes is amazing but made more so by the continued support and kindness of our members.


So many of our usual IWCV activities had to close down over the past months due to Covid. It is wonderful to see them up and running again. Our Women Who Walk are walking again, our mahjong students are learning again, and beginning in February (when the weather will be more conducive to sitting outside) our mahjong players will be playing again. We’ve got more things planned for late winter/early spring, so keep an eye on the IWCV website to find out what they are!



Francesca Becker - Brazil/USA

Katie Anderson - American

Nuria Muñoz - Spanish

Laura Sebastian - German

Sylvia J. Dymond - German

Jacquie Donlevy - Irish

Beth Trevino - American


Abby Payne

Carol D’Errico

Catherine McCallum

Claire Ackland

Cynthia Marin

Elaine Weckwerth

Iman El Harrass

Jamie Teilmann

Jana Johnsen

Janet Dakin

Julie Turner

Lindsay Green

María Martinez

Maria Andrea Mazilu

Maria Jose Piera

Marina Crijns

Mathilde Rispoli

Michele Hernandez

Nancy Stewart

Nuria Muñoz

Patricia Kingham

Roisin Saunier

Sarah Thomas

Sterrett Brandt

Susan Kaplan

Zorana Durkovic



Saturday, 1 January                   New Year's Day

Thursday, 6 January                  Three Kings Day

Saturday, 22 January                 Feast of San Vicente Martir

Stay warm, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of you at our activities this month!

Jane Buck,


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