Monthly Newsletter
February 2020

​I hope January has given us all a chance to recover from the busy days of December.

January provided some of our members a  new experience at the Church of the Real Colegio de las Escuelas Pías de Valencia.  There was a lovely concert by candle light.   Those who attended said it was wonderful.  It was sold out,  so if you are interested in the February and April concerts be sure to buy your tickets as soon as possible.  Go to Member’s Only activities for detail.   Please remember that you must buy tickets for the event at:

Mahjong continues to be very popular, with more and more women joining the group.  Jane is an amazing teacher and everyone is really enjoying the experience.

Ruta Marxelenes and Bombas Gens

The Bomb Shelter of Bombas Gens     The first rose of January(?)      Listening so intently to David


Our tour of the “Ruta Marxelenes and Bombas Gens” in January was outstanding.  We first visited the gardens of Marxelenes.  Even on a January day the gardens were beautiful.  David, as always, provided a wealth of very interesting information.  We then continued on to Bombas Gens.  Wow!  The guide that Bombas Gens provided was great.  We got the history of the Bombas Gens and then went down into the bomb shelter below the building.  From there we visited the museum, the gardens and the ruins of what had been a bodega uncovered some years ago. 

National Health Card

I am sharing the following information with you in the event that you are considering applying for a National Health Card.   If you are a resident of more than one year of residency and are not from an EU member country,  you may purchase National Health Care.   While it will cover most things, it does not include the purchase of medication. Marty and I found it was not an effortless experience.  We were sent from office to office, some sending us back to where we had just been. To our amazement the fifth stop was the place!  In a matter of a few minutes our documents were examined, stamped and we were told that our SIP cards would be ready in a week.

WHERE:  Avenida Ferán el Católico , 74



  • 2 copies of the Solicitud de Suscripción de Convenio Especial de Prestación de Asistencia Sanitaria Con La Generalitat.  See link below.




  • Photocopy of your DNI or NIE and bring the actual NIE with you.


  • Photocopy of your Passport and bring the actual Passport with you


  • Your empadronamiento.  You can actually apply for it on line.  They usually respond very quickly.    See link



  • Form for direct payment from your bank account.   See link below.



For our American members,  be sure you are registered to vote and do vote. Voting dates vary by state so read your information carefully.  Here is the link to check if you are registered or to register if you are not.

For our UK members,  here is the link to a message from the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, to UK nationals in Spain.  It may answer some of your questions regarding Brexit.

Please welcome those who became members in January


Suzan Cioffi - American, Ivorian

Stephanie Flynn - Canadian

Paca Pascual -  Española

Ellen Horovitz - American

Enid Serrano - American

Sonia Hazan - Canadian


Happy Birthday to our February Birthdays

Carmina Ramirez de Arellano

Claudine Escaith

Denise Bright

Dr Anne Duguid

Elna De Jongh

Jane Buck

Karen Magee-Koski

Marilyn White

Mimi Carrera

Natalie Stacey

Nathalie Sommer

Tedi Conway Dickinson

Vladislava Ivanova Strahilova

Yvonne Gonzalez



Our events for February are below.  Please go to Member Events  on the website to confirm details of the events and register. Click on the event to take you to the registration page.

With the exception of the Coffee, all are exclusively for members and their guests.


Tuesday,  February 4,            10:00   Monthly Coffee at Corte Inglés

​Mondays and Thursdays      10:00   Mahjong​  

​Thursday, February  20         14:00   Monthly Luncheon at Indian Garden Restaurante

Saturday,  February 22          19:00  Cultural Event – Concert by Candle Light                ​

Thursday, February 27           14:30  Knit and Knatter at ArtySana

Friday, February 28                10:30  Cultural Tour – Casa-Museo Benllurie

Weekly                                               Bridge with Claudine -  Current Group

Bridge Lessons with Peter-  For those still interested in learning to play Bridge,  Peter, husband of our member Notta, has offered to give classes.  It will be held in his home.  If you are interested,  please contact Peter directly at or 674 222 431.

​I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and invite you to take an active part in shaping the IWC-Valencia of 2020.

Susan V. Kaplan

President, IWC-Valencia