Monthly Newsletter
December 2020

As the year draws to a close, we wish all our members a very happy holiday and especially a very healthy new year!



  • Congratulations to Carmen and the Casa Ronald team who have raised more than €400 through the sale of handmade Christmas ornaments and mugs. This amount does not include what they’ve raised through the sale of IWCV masks, and all the funds will go to help the Casa Ronald families. Well done, Ladies!

  • Proyecto Vivir needs used-but-functional computers and SmartPhones to help its families, and Casa Caridad has a whole lot of children who need disposable diapers. If you can donate anything, please bring what you have to the IWCV First Tuesday Coffee on 1 December at MuviMent, or on Mondays between 11am and 3pm to mahjong at Saltimbocca’s outside terrace, Placa de Vannes 7. Thank you for your much needed help!

  • Roshanna could use some help with her efforts on behalf of Proyecto Vivir. If you have some free time and are willing to lend a hand, please contact Roshanna at

  • On behalf of the IWCV Charities Team, a huge thank you to all IWCV members who have helped support our efforts on behalf of our three very deserving charities!




  • The sun came out for us at our November luncheon at La Chipirona. The food was very good and the companionship better!

  • Women Who Walk, led by Belinda James, started up in November. We have had two very successful walks on Fridays Nov. 13 and Nov. 20. We met at Palau de la Musica at the fountain and walked out our own paces for about an hour round trip.  After the walk, we had coffee at the Jardines del Palau restaurant in the Turia.  It was fun for all. To join or for more information, please contact Belinda at

  • We also had a Street Art Tour that was very well-attended with over 20 women (in Covid comfortable groups). We went thru various neighborhoods of Valencia seeing the street art and learning about the history. Reviews were generally good and it was a great way to know and understand the art in Valencia. 

  • One more tour this November is already full (at 5 + guide). “Suchet, the Beloved Invader” is led by Marissa Gonzalez, a very popular and informative tour guide.  We will try and do more When a tour is announced please sign up right away as we can only have 5 participants at a time!  Eventbrite is being used to manage the invitations, and once a tour is full a waiting list will be established.  

  • And, of course, don’t forget our already popular ongoing monthly activities:  Mah Jong (on Mondays) and Knit and Knatter (last Thursday).  Currently, we are playing mahjong outside with fabulous Italian food at Saltimbocca at Placa de Vannes 7, off Gran Via de Ramon y Cajal.  (easily accessible by bus, walking or biking).  It starts at 11 a.m. and ends approximately 4 p.m. with lunch about 2 p.m.  If there are others that are interested in playing, please contact our Mah Jong Master, Jane Buck at who will willingly teach another class as soon as she has 4 participants.

  • Knit and Knatter led by Karen Fereday is typically the last Thursday of the Month. .  If you have always wanted to learn, come learn to knit or crochet and spend a fun afternoon with the IWCV ladies.  Please contact Karen Feredey at or WhatsApp at 690 90 08 02. 

  • We have several other activities in the hopper all depending on Covid restrictions.  Here are few to look forward to:

    • The Popcorn Club (a movie night)

    • Bridge

    • Sewing

    • Speaker Series

    • Wine Tasting

    • Neighborhood Tours

    • Transportation Tours

    • Cooking Demonstrations




  • Sunday, 6 December                 Constitution Day

  • Tuesday 8 December                 Immaculate Conception

  • Friday 25 December                  Christmas Day





  • First Tuesday Coffee, Tuesday, 1 December, at MuviMent, on the Terrace behind Muvim Museum – 10am to Noon. For all female members and guests.

  • December & January Luncheons:  Sometimes we find ourselves caught between that good old rock and our friend the hard place. In this case, we’ve got the need to be outside due to Covid competing with likely winter chills and gray skies – neither of which make for very inviting outdoor meals. We certainly can’t risk exposing our members to Covid by having indoor lunches, and we don’t want to expose you to the flu – or even to a cold – by eating outdoors in the winter. So, sadly, we have decided to postpone our December and January lunches to the summer, when hopefully things will be more comfortable and much safer! Our next IWCV luncheon will be this coming February (on the 18th, if you’d like to mark your calendars in advance!). Thank you all for understanding.

  • We have a new activity! For those of you who would like to learn to sew and have your own sewing machines, Erica Worthington has offered classes that sound fabulous! Here’s what Erica says:
    If you have a sewing machine and need help on how to use it, have some clothes that you would like to copy or alter for better fit, or have home projects to sew, I might be able to help. Erica is a moderately advanced sewist who can help with making patterns, making copies of existing clothes, altering garments, sewing home crafts, etc. She doesn't have a workshop per se, but can help you in her home (or maybe yours). She doesn't charge a fee, just wants to share the joy of creating, altering, and/or patterning, and using that sewing machine that's gathering dust in your closet. To arrange a class or for more information, please contact Erica at

Welcome to New Members


   Anelia Krandeva – American/Bulgarian

   Bernadette Reynolds – Canadian

   Linda Quinn – American

   Mary Ann Gonzalez – Cuban

   Montse Simarro – Española


Happy Birthdays for December


   Alla Shvedova

   Ana Bargues

   Anita Trabucco

   Anneli Sinikka Pedersen

   Caroline Schwartz

   Celina Quintanilla

   Emma Ziff

   Gabriela Encin

   Gladys Brooks

   Irina Nicoleta Melinte

   Julia Gunn

   Karen Eanes

   Ketty Delapena

   Maria Drapacz

   Marlyse Lupis

   Myra Deuel

   Olimpia Cerda

   Phyllis So

   Renee Pearce

   Robin Kaplan

   Roshanna Evans

   Sherleen Teilmann

   Simone Pilon



Our very best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your families, and a very happy, healthy new year to all!


Jane Buck,