Monthly Newsletter
August 2020

The summer heat has certainly arrived.  I hope you are all finding ways to keep cool whether here in Valencia or out of town.  As a goodly number of us are not traveling this August, we have decided to hold several events so please be sure to sign-up on the website if you are interested in participating.  Web page link


We had a lovely coffee in July at MuVim with a number of  new members attending.  Lunch at Thalassa was terrific and very much enjoyed.  The wine tasting with Johan was attended by a small but very enthusiastic group.  If there is enough interest, we may be able to schedule more.  And the Mahjong group has been meeting regularly.  Jane is even teaching a new group.


It is still a little difficult to organize our cultural tours.  Hopefully September will be a time to begin.  Let us hope.


Please welcome our July new members.


Ofelia Ruiz Gonzalez – Spanish

Meghan Maschwitz – South African

María Martínez – American

Esther Ferrer – Spanish

Diana Mariella Dologh – Ecuadorean

Maria Tellblom – Swedish

Julia Oatway -  American and Canadian

Kàssima Karina Finardi – Italian

Gisella Casolaro – Italian

Jordan Heller – American


Happy Birthday to our August Birthdays


Alyce Peifer

Claire Keefe

Dana Philen

Erika Parsons

Galit Malek

Gisela Schinkel

Kate Greenslade

Mahvash Karimi

Rowena Teo

Silvia Gauthier

Stefania Scaravelli

Tamara Morper

Zahava Scheiman-Burkhardt

Zoe Kirby


Annual Elections


Elections for open positions on the IWC-V Board were scheduled to take place at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 16 April. Due to Covid restrictions, we had to postpone the AGM and along with it, the elections. The Nominations Committee has decided to reopen nomination for the open positions on the Board. The open positions are President, Vice President – Membership, Recording Secretary, and Member-at-Large. Keep your eye on your email – you will be sent a Nominations Form on August 14 – and now’s a great time to start thinking about who you think will best fill those positions!  If you are no longer living in Valencia and do not intend to return,  please do let us know.  We would really appreciate it.  It is important that we have an accurate count of our membership.



Valencia Resources

We would like to call your attention to two new  resource topics that may be of vital interest to our members -- Convalescent Care and Personal Emergency Information.  You can find them on the IWC-V Valencia Resource Guide under  "Medical" and "Emergency" respectively.  The Covid-19 Virus has pointed up just how vulnerable we are -- particularly those who live alone -- when it comes to negotiating the Spanish medical and legal systems. 

In addition to Spanish Wills, it is a very good idea for all Residents to have drawn up both a Spanish Living Will, which outlines limits for extraordinary care, and a Health Proxy, which designates someone to speak in your behalf on medical issues -- either an attorney, health-care professional, or family member.  For these documents, you might wish to consult a Spanish attorney.  It is also helpful for you to have identified a good friend who can facilitate communication with your Executor and/or Power of Attorney should you have an accident.  

As always, we would appreciate your letting us know about additional resources so we can add them to the Valencia Resources Guide.

Did you know we have posted a handy 2020 calendar of Valencia Holidays and Festivals that you can either refer to or cut/paste into your own calendars. Valencia has a lot of holidays to keep track of. See: IWC-V Resource Guide - "Government."

Activities for August










First Tuesday Coffee

Tuesday,  August 4, 2020

10:00 to 12:00

Santa Rosa Café

Carrer Sant Pasqual 12

As many of us know, many venues close in August. As a result, we needed to find a new place to meet.  We will be gathering at Santa Rosa Café which is located on the Plaza de Rojas Clemente across from the Mercado Rojas Clemente. It is on the street that runs between Gran Via Ferran El Catòlico and Carrer Guillem de Castro. It is a lovely area with plenty of shade in the morning.  Please do sign up on the website so that we have an idea who is coming.  R





August Luncheon

Thursday,  August 20,  2020 at 2:00PM. 

Please go to the Member Events on the website for details and to sign-up.  Hope to see you there.  Jane has found a terrific place for us.  It has become my go-to place at least once a week! For the time being numbers are limited so we are restricting attendance to members only.  Hopefully things will change soon, and we can invite our male guests,  but not quite yet.

Please take good care of yourselves and stay safe.


Susan V. Kaplan

President, IWC-Valencia