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Editorial, “The 19th Amendment: An Important Milestone in an Unfinished Journey,” NYT (15 August 2020)

Background reading and links to works of by and about African American women's history, including a forthcoming book by Martha Jones on the Black Suffragette movement before Seneca Falls (1848) through 1960s.

Fisher, Christina. “The Black Female Battalion That Stood Up to a White Male Army,” NYT Magazine (Published June 17, 2020; Updated Sept. 2, 2020)

Major Charity Adams commanded the first battalion of 855 Black WACS sent to England and then France during WWII to sort and distribute 17 million pieces of mail to WWII GIs.  This was a pass-fail test to determine the value of Black women to the military.  They passed – and then some.

Garber, Meghan. “Pop Culture Failed to Imagine Kamala Harris: Her candidacy meets a culture that, too often, still doesn’t know what to make of women who seek to lead.”  The Atlantic  (12 August 2020)

Analysis of women and power through film and television programs.

Okoro, Enuma. “How Three Artists Are Exploring Mythology and Race,” (NY Times Magazine, 10 September 2020).

Three Black “artists as storytellers” re-examine intersections of historical narratives, classical myths, and religious stories to create images that speak on multiple levels to the experiences of Black females. Includes links to their work.

Mertens, Maggie.  “This Woman Surfed the Biggest Wave of the Year:  Here’s why you probably haven’t heard about it.”  The Atlantic (12 September 2020)

The way in which women's accomplishments are judged matters – particularly in a male-dominated sport..

“Do women have to be better than men? Or better than the best women to be recognized as the best woman ever?”  Actually, fascinating article about the judging of Maya Gabeira's WSL winning ride on a 73.5' wave in Nazaré, Portugal (11 February 2020).

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